Thursday, September 1, 2011

The State Fair

What is more fun than being back together with all of A's buddies!?!? Meeting them all at the MD State Fair to pet the animals, run through a hay maze, play in a soybean box, and eat some carnival food! I don't think I have ever seen A quite this excited to be back in Baltimore!
Since A's favorite book right now is Lama, Lama, Red Pajama...our first stop was to see the lamas!

Then we stopped by to pet the baby goats...humm, I bet they have a real baby name like piglet to pig but I can't think of it!

Then she paused to watch some "carnival folks" if you know what I mean.


This was hands down (no pun intended) our favorite sign at the fair. If you can't see it, it says, "Your fingers look like food. We BITE!"

Then A and E were completly captivated by the rabbit that was the size of a large dog.

Here they are petting a brand new calf (see, nailed that one!)

And A was so happy for her milk she wanted to hug the cow!

As we watched this guys brothers and sisters being born, we took a second to pet the soft baby feathers.

Then we checked out the (SMELLY) pigs and piglets!

And A got to touch a brand new piglet!

Then it was hay maze time! E was throwing straw in the air so A had her eye's shut :)

One gap was so tiny she had to squeeze through...

This is the quintessential picture of A and E...two little hams!

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  1. I want to pinch her cheeks in that last one!! Glad you had fun!


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