Saturday, April 28, 2012

We did it! The move went great yesterday and with a lot of help from my family, we kept A out of the house, kept the dog busy elsewhere, and moved a lot of, well, stuff. The house is coming together, we have working toilets (yes!) and after a minor hot water issue...we even have hot water to give A a tub. Is everything still a cluster F? Of course, but slowly we are unpacking and making this place into our home. So although I couldn't find a toothbrush till this morning, lost my conditioner in the move, and we have to wear shoes around the house at all times because of the nastiness of construction dust paired with some very well packed (and still missing) cleaning supplies, we couldn't be happier. We won't have phone, Internet, or cable for a few weeks, but maybe it will make us unpack faster and go to bed earlier. I will check back in later and let you all know how much progress we have made (don't get your hopes up though, I still haven't put together the playhouse and I have a whole room stuffed with boxes to unpack and floors to clean ). But hang in there...I know we can do this! Xoxo Daily Mom

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

I have learned a lot about myself from this move...well upcoming move, tomorrow! First of all I could never be one of those girls who gets in a dramatic,screaming fight with her husband, throws some clothes into a bag, and storms out the door. After attempting to pack my closet tonight once I got A to bed, I started with my big roller suitcase...and filled it in a flash, emptying only two shelves. Then it was on to my Vera Bradley's...three of them later and I am almost down to just hanging clothes and shoes remaining...almost. So needless to say, I don't think I would elicit the desired response if while screaming, "that's it, you don't love me as much as ___________ (fill in the blank)" I was making four trips to the car to collect all my clothes. Oh well, if hubby and I can make it through a house renovation, and a toddler, I think we can handle just about anything. Now, on to my second point...I would never call myself a planner, well in the real sense of the word. I love random and spontaneous outings, I live for spur of the moment decisions (yes, I am the girl who goes to a pet store and sees a poor puppy in need and brings it home), but man do I need to have a general plan. Let's take tomorrow for example. I need to know what the general plan is, what is expected of me, and where all my furniture and boxes will be going. If I could poof and have it all set up too, oh you better believe I would! And finally, let me let you in on one more little hubby and I have VERY different priorities. Here is a little conversation that just interrupted my blogging... Him: "You haven't seen the screwdriver anywhere have you?" Me: "um, the Philips head one?" H: "yes" M: "It is in my diaper bag. Why, do you need it?" H: "Are you insane? I have to take stuff apart here...what is it doing in your diaper bag?" M:"I thought I would put A's new playhouse together if I had some time tomorrow." H: "If you put that thing together in the next 7 days I will choke you." M: "Oh I will!" (said with a big smile) H: defeated, he leaves me to blog. Like I said different priorities. He is concerned with getting all the furniture taken apart and over to the new house as quickly and efficiently as possible and I am more worried about getting the kitchen and A's new room all ready, and of course having a new toy for her to play with at the new house! It is always like this thought and I attribute our different priorities to getting a lot done quickly....because while he is picking out faucets so we have a way to turn on the sink, I am picking out lamp shades that will really highlight our paint colors. But hey, isn't every day a learning experience?! Well tomorrow just might be a college cram course on a venti Starbucks espresso :) Wish us luck!!! And just think, next time I blog (I know don't hold your breath) it could be from my beautifully arranged office in the new house. Or if hubby has his way, my computer balancing on a stack of unopened boxes. Xoxo Daily Mom

Friday, April 20, 2012

One Week

We are moving in one week...

So my life is a contant battle of packing faster than A can unpack, overcoming nightmares of moving into a house with no working bathrooms, and trying to take A somewhere fun each day to distract from all the disorder at home.

But in the midst of all that, almost everything is packed, our cup that our toothbrushes used to live in before they lay sadly on the side of our sink, every soap dish, linen, and wrapping supply we own in nested in a box somewhere in our new house, and most of A's stuffed animals.

I knew I was getting close to the end when she looked up from her rocker this morning with the most intense big-girl stare, and told me not to touch her books or her baby dolls.

Okay, I will leave those for last.

Here's to being one week away from making a lifetime of memories!

Daily Mom

Friday, April 13, 2012

Playground Playdate

Today, the weather was perfect for a day of playground fun. We meet E and Nicole around 10:30 to get a few walking laps in first before letting the kids tear around on the playground till lunch. They had a blast running between the "Big Girl" playground, as A calls it, and the "Little Playground". And as always they chased, laughed, climbed, and teased each other all morning.

After a little while my sister and cousin C arrived to meet us for a picnic lunch. We hauled the kids over to one of the fields and spread out the blankets and lunchboxes. As always food was everywhere, and kids were running all around the field.

 Unfortunately, the kids thought it would be super fun to go play by the lacrosse goal, which was in the middle of a dust bomb, and came back looking like three little homeless kids after about 20 minutes of kicking, rolling, and giggling in the dust. Ah, but nothing a quick tub before nap time and a washing machine couldn't fix.
Going down the super big slide

"Mom, E went that way!"


"Can't catch me!

"Come on up the mountain, E!"

"Look at me on the big girl swing!"

Learning to use my feet to help!

The weather is gearing up to be the perfect weekend and with 2 weeks exactly till our big move, I know we will be hard at work!

Time to keep packing before A wakes up...


Daily Mom

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here One Day...

And gone the next.

That is the predicament I found myself in this morning when, as I do each morning after breakfast and some play time, I announce to A that it is time for mommy to shower. We grab whatever toy she loves at the moment and carry it up to her room, stopping only to pick out a few more toys from the office, before a fast pit stop in mommy and daddy's room to coax a slightly exasperated yellow lab off of her bed.

A I dump the toy collection, sippy cup, and dog onto her floor I am already heading to her drawers to pick out the blanket she would like for her "picnic". Finally with everything in place I give her a kiss and tell her I will come and get her after my shower.

And until this morning I have enjoyed a full 15 minutes of warm water and peace before towling off and releasing the beast to come play in my room.

Yet this morning, before the water even had time to get hot, I heard the shuffled pitter-patter of jammies down the hall and into my bathroom. Apparently someone was all done playing in her room while mommy took a shower. So with frequent cold burts from opening the shower door, and endless questions, I lost my 15 minutes of peace this morning.

And although I never really appreciated it before I am going to miss a little silence and a lot of privacy each morning.

Daily Mom

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking In Some Culture

Today started as a chilly and cloudy day, so we knew we wanted to do something indoors to stay nice and warm, but we couldn't think of something new and exciting that we hadn't done a million times before. Then it came to us...the Museum! We packed a lunch and headed off to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Not having been there in quite some time (almost an embarrassingly long time) I didn't really know what to expect. The BMA is not as formal as our main art museum, the Walters, where I would always take my students for class trips, so we thought this would be the perfect introduction to art!

When we arrived and were waiting for E and Nicole, we hopped into the BMA store and spent over 15 minutes mesmerized by the collection of education and skill developing toys. Even the kids would be fooled here...they had everything from tangrams (great spatial tool) to lace boards (awesome for hand-eye coordination), and almost everything in between.

No sooner had I dragged A away from all the games and puzzles, then E arrived with Nicole ready to explore the museum. We started with the clay figurines and African art, then headed towards the exhibit we knew A would love best...the Miniature Rooms. They were beyond breath taking, especially since they were each the size of a doll house room. After some serious coaxing, we headed off to explore some more rooms. We passed the Thinker, saw Degas' dancers, explored some Matisse, and then relaxed in the Cone Sister's collection.
"Look at the blue beads, Mom."

"E, our bikes are definitely not this fancy!"

One of the Miniature Rooms

Another Miniature Room...Couldn't you just live there?

Heading upstairs for more...

The Thinker and my little thinker

"How is my dancer pose mom?"

"E, watch out! I am working on second position."

Nothing like sitting on a bench and taking in some Matisse.

Although it was amazing watching A run around and look at all the different sculptures and paintings, my favorite part of the day, hands-down, was when we had finally made it back to the car and I turned to her and asked her what her very favorite part of the Museum was, and without a moment of hesitation, she smiled from ear to ear and said "I just loved the little doll houses".

I am not sure there is anything better than taking a 2 year old on an Educational fieldtrip, where all she sees is fun!


Daily Mom

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Library Nanny

I know what you are thinking..."Two posts in one day? What is going on?" and I know it is shocking since I have been super MIA recently, but I wanted to share one ridiculous story with you before heading upstairs to continue packing up our house.

So, we didn't have school today, Easter Monday maybe, but really because A's teacher had her whole family over for Easter last night and told us she needed a day to recover. But we decided to head to the library this morning before running to Target then Wegman's for our groceries.

It was a day like any other. We found a great spot, grabbed our books to return, and headed in to play. I had just finished checking out our standard 15 books and was settling into one of the mini chairs to check my email on my phone while A was playing, when this girl, about my age, comes up to me. Of course I had noticed her before since there are only about 2 other mom's and kids in the kids room and I like to people watch and figure out funny things about people, and I had already decided she was the nanny to the two little blond cuties she was chasing around. How could I be sure? First of all she was standing the whole time (very un-mom like not to slump in the corner). Second, she was frantically searching for the kids walking in and out of the book shelves when every mom knows if you stand still in one spot and look it is a lot easier to find the kids. And third because she wasn't wearing a ring (not everyone does, but around here they mostly do) and looked like she had just done a serious bender the night before in college.

Anyway, back to my as I was getting nice and comfortable in the little kid chairs, she walks up to me and our conversation goes something like this...

Nanny: "Hey did you check out books yet?"

Me: "Um, yeah, I already did."

Nanny: "Well, if we leave around the same time can you check some books out for me? I forgot my wallet and the 3 year old will freak if we don't get to check out books."

Me: "Could you get a loaner card or something?"

Nanny: "I don't have my ID."

Me: "Oh, right."

Nanny: "So?"

Me: "Um..well...I am not sure."

Nanny: "What? It is not like I am going to steal them or something. I come here every week."

Me: "What if you don't return them on time?"

Nanny: "I always do."

Me: "Oh, okay."

Luckily, my friend Megan arrived right around this time and we hid in the corner together until the Nanny realized I was a lost cause and called the kids' mom to come and bring their library card.

Phew...I know I am not good at saying "no", but I have got to get better. Today was a little too close of a call!


Daily Mom

Easter Time!

Happy Easter!

After a very fun-filled weekend it was finally Easter! We started our day with a quick breakfast before rushing off to church. Then it was on to the fun part...heading to my sister's house to celebrate. After getting all the kids outside to break some cascarones, these awesome confetti filled eggs my friend Nicole taught us how to make, it was time for a yummy (and very indulgent brunch). When our bellies were about to pop we headed outside again for some egg-cercise (hehe...sorry couldn't help myself).

The kids tore around the yard looking for hundreds of eggs. No, I am actually not kidding, I am pretty sure my mom had over 100 eggs filled and hidden for her five little granddaughters. But, hey, who can blame her? The kids loved it, and it was Easter. But after the effort my hubby and I put into training A for her egg hunt last year (a total bust since we didn't account for the eggs being hidden off the ground at a 2 and under hunt) we decided to let nature play its course. Well, that was a bust too. After watching A stop after each egg to open it and see what was inside, we finally got encouraged her on her way...a little quicker.

After a great morning it was eventually time for us to head for home. I don't even think we were fully in the door before A ran straight for her Easter goods...which included a new dress up outfit and shoes and sported them all over the house shouting "Happy Easter"! Although Easter has never been my favorite holiday, which I am still not quite sure why since it involves exhausting kids and a ton of chocolate, we had one of the best Easter's yet!


Daily Mom

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Bonanza

We are in full blown Easter mode in our house! The candy is hidden, the baskets are coming together, and the eggs are ready to be found.

 We decided to jump start the holiday yesterday with a trip to the Zoo for the Bunny-Bonanza! It was complete chaos, kids running everywhere with bunny ears and baskets, parents trying to find their kids in a sea of pink, yellow, and green, and of course some oversized animals to freak the kids out at almost every turn.

We started with some crafts

then went straight to the egg hunt, where the kids ran every which way looking for five different colored eggs. The girls really got it, picking up each egg gently, and putting them in their basket, and the boys...well they were being boys, rolling through the eggs and kicking them all over the grass. The egg hunt did wrapped up nicely with a complementary Mary Sue egg...yumm!

Then it was time to head to see the animals. After a morning of running after eggs and making Easter crafts, they were tuckered out. Once we made it over to where the animals were, we realized it was time to forget our plan of a lap of two through the Zoo, and headed to the tables for an early lunch.

After recharging with some lunch the kids were ready to take a ride on the little red train. They loved waving to the people and looking at everything we passed.

Although we only caught a glimpse of one or two live animals, it was a great day spent at the Zoo for some Easter fun!


Daily Mom

Wednesday, April 4, 2012