Monday, April 2, 2012

A Recap

I know, I have really sucked recently with blogging, but I promise we have just been so busy. Between packing, organizing, and trying to stick with our daily schedule, I have been tapped out.

We did have a great weekend with E's birthday party, some farmer's market fun, and of course some work at the new house.

Enjoy the random splattering of pictures I managed to take!
This is what happened when I left A unattended with her cousin's sticker mosaic...notice them all over her shirt. Oops!

We had some fun at the playground

Then had a fun car lunch as we took Pop P to drop off his car!

We met cousin, C to see the Easter Bunny...this is about as close as they got to their furry friend.

But they had a blast together!

E's Elmo Birthday Party was amazing!

Complete with Baltimore's beer...

And for favors, the kids got to take home their very own Dorthy!

Yes, Nicole actually MADE from scratch!

A and Nate, playing up a storm!

Just stringin' those boys along!

And not quite sure why she couldn't carry her Dorthy around with her all morning.


Daily Mom


  1. Those cake pops? Are amazing!!!! Your baby girl is getting so very big! Love these pictures :)

  2. We have the same play house as in that last picture! Good times! :-)

    I love that wagon train! So cool!

    She's getting so big! Wow!


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