Friday, April 13, 2012

Playground Playdate

Today, the weather was perfect for a day of playground fun. We meet E and Nicole around 10:30 to get a few walking laps in first before letting the kids tear around on the playground till lunch. They had a blast running between the "Big Girl" playground, as A calls it, and the "Little Playground". And as always they chased, laughed, climbed, and teased each other all morning.

After a little while my sister and cousin C arrived to meet us for a picnic lunch. We hauled the kids over to one of the fields and spread out the blankets and lunchboxes. As always food was everywhere, and kids were running all around the field.

 Unfortunately, the kids thought it would be super fun to go play by the lacrosse goal, which was in the middle of a dust bomb, and came back looking like three little homeless kids after about 20 minutes of kicking, rolling, and giggling in the dust. Ah, but nothing a quick tub before nap time and a washing machine couldn't fix.
Going down the super big slide

"Mom, E went that way!"


"Can't catch me!

"Come on up the mountain, E!"

"Look at me on the big girl swing!"

Learning to use my feet to help!

The weather is gearing up to be the perfect weekend and with 2 weeks exactly till our big move, I know we will be hard at work!

Time to keep packing before A wakes up...


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