Thursday, March 29, 2012

Box after Box

I have packed six boxes full of candles, decor, glass everything, books, photos, and memories, and I am just getting started.

Each item I wrap in paper and place in a box sends chills down my spine. What will our new house be like? Where will our first real memory be? When will we have our routines down so we can dance around each other in a new kitchen each morning. What will A's favorite place in the new house be? Where will her time-out spot be?

As questions flood my brain I focus on my task at after box I pack our memories, neatly wrapping them safe and sound till we can open them in our new home.

Daily Mom

Friday, March 23, 2012

My Spring Flower

The weather has been so beautiful recently, but since they are forecasting rain all weekend, I thought it was only appropriate to get A in a spring dress and take some pictures in the wildflowers.

*Not quite sure why they are not crisp on here...but you get the idea!

Enjoy! And have a great weekend,


Daily Mom

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock...anyone there?

Oh, yes, sorry, I am here! I bet you didn't know it since I have been MIA for so long, and no, unfortunately I have not been on a fabulous trip somewhere tropical, or created anything amazing.

 I have just been busy. Busy getting ready to move.  Busy picking paint colors and realizing after buying the sample jars and painting splotches on the walsl that I like none of them. Busy re-picking paint colors. Busy playing with a bubbly toddler in 70 degree weather. Busy looking after two dogs. Just plain busy.

But in my hope to keep you a little up-to-date, here are some photos from my time off...
A gift from my friend...have I mentioned that balloons terrify me?

Apparently that feeling didn't get passed down

A loving the fact that she has two dogs to "look after"

And After!
"Humm...what does that say...oh yes, Cute, Cute, Cute!"
Just playing with fairy wings on...because that is so normal :)
My first bow! Well, the first one she wore in public.
You can see it if you squint and look in the middle of the curles.
Just a cool kid on a bike

And in my new smocked Fairy Princess outfit!


Daily Mom

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Cousin's Day!

This morning as I was getting Annabelle some breakfast, and trying to grab a cup of coffee the phone rang. Of course, being only 7:20 in the morning I immediately thought something was wrong and lunged to get it. Although not life threatening, it  was my sister's nanny seeing if I could take little cousin C for the day so she could head to the doctor for some much needed medicine. Trying to hide the excitement in my voice I calmly reassured her we just had a playground playdate planned with a picnic lunch and C would fit in perfectly!

By this time I forgot all about breakfast, and my coffee, as A ran around the house squealing with delight and I packed two lunches for our day. Just before 9:30 we headed over to grab C and her car seat and begin our adventure.

The girls were adorable, chatting with each other the entire car ride and laughing at each other laughing. At this time I had two happy children and a whole lot of confidence in myself.

Then, enter the playground...and the two little monsters took one look at me, then at each other and tore off in different directions. With a quick game-plan, which mainly included watching C because A can fend for herself, I took off running too.
"Can't catch me!"

Sharing a slide!

"C, it is okay, you are just a little slower than me."

Wanting to be just like her big cousin!

But not quite getting it...

"A, wait for me, here I come!"

"I lost her :)"

"Oh, there you are!"

"Gotta run, I have been spotted."

And the chase continued...

"Found you!"
 This is the best sequence of photos I have of these two, and really tells just how their relationship works...
C: "I want to drive!"
A: "No, C, let me show you how."

A: "You have to hold it with two hands and spin it like this."
C: "I want a turn!"

C: "A!!!!!!!!!"

C: "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?"
A: "Just take me wherever you want."

About two hours later I finally stopped running and we all settled down to a nice picnic lunch. The girls must have been all worn out too, because they sat on the blanket like little angels, eating their lunches. After packing everything up (how is there so much more when there is just one more kid?) and getting everyone safely buckled in the car we headed for home and naptime.

I know my sister was worried about "dumping" C on me today, but this is why I stay home...I love looking after these little munchkins and especially lending a hand to help out when I can. I might not know a thing about the stock market, or even own a suit, but you can be pretty sure I can make a mean pb&j and am top notch at tuckering some toddlers out!


Daily Mom

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Monday

I am not sure about you but I suck at not spending a ton of money each time I go to the grocery store. I have really tried to cut back recently but have only managed to save a little bit of money here and there. So I made a new in bulk or on sale when possible.

As you know, I love to cook, so I am certainly not going to throw my love of cooking out the window and serve pb&j's for dinner all week to save money, but I have found that I can see what is on sale each week and plan my menu around that, rather than planning it ahead of time and ignoring the sale items (which was my standard oblivious go-to).

I am still having trouble trying to keep our weekly shopping trip around $100. I guess I am just one of those people the grocery store LOVES because I see a new product and of course I throw not one, but two of it in my cart. I mean to be honest, A has more snacks piled up on her shelf than a food kitchen, yet, I still buy her more each week when I am at the store. Well, sorry sugar, but no more, Mommy is on a mission!

Produces are still the worst, because we like to eat really fresh, which means more than 75% of my cart is filled with produces, meats, cheese, and yogurt. Some things I have found helpful is that I have started to buy blocks of cheese instead of slices, which not only taste fresher but are cheaper! I also am mainly a store brand kinda girl now. But alas, like most things in my life, there are some area I will not settle. I will only buy the meats that we like which of course are the pricy ones, which means I won't buy the cheaper meat to save money, I also need to have variety in my diet, so a collection of fruits, including berries are always in our fridge.

I know this is a start and my girlfriends are helping me find ways to tailor my grocery store blowouts, but any advice or tips would be more than appreciated!


Daily Mom  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A True Spring Day

I am not even sure beautiful begins to describe today. As I stepped outside this morning to let Preston out, it was already a warm 55 degrees, which has only gotten better. We decided there was nothing better than the first really warm day at the zoo, so off we went to see some animals. The kids are at such a fun age now, running through the "marsh lands", investigating the "wetlands", and of course playing with the goats. With a cool breeze blowing in 70 degree weather, five mom's laughing, and 8 kids romping, it really was the perfect morning.


"Mom...these are my "get me out of here" eyes in case you didn't know."

A and Ellie chilling on the turtle

"Boys, this is not really as fun as you made it look."

"Yes, it is!!!"

"Ew, MOM, there is something in my shoe!"

"Why, hello Mr. River Otter."

"Brush, check. Goats, check. Nasty hair on bruch, check, check, check."

"Oh, you are so thirsty."

"What is that down there mom?"


"Am I growing?"

"E, hold on to me silly boy."

"Really, mom? How am I supposed to go fast when he won't hold on?"

"E...where should that hand be?"

"Nate...look in here!"

"Hey, I want to see."



Daily Mom

ps...the appraisal for our house was today, so keep your fingers crossed it is nice and high!