Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

Tonight should have been a bit of a headache. My husband's hockey alumni weekend is this weekend in providence, so we all made the treck up on thursday to my parent's beach house in CT for the festivities. Although we got a weekend getaway, sometimes it can be more hassle than fun.

Today, after lunch and an uncessful nap, A, my husband, and I made the hour drive to Prov for the alumni game and reception. We watched daddy play, very out-of-breath, for 60 minutes as we did everything possible to entertain each other. A was not in great form to start since nap time was a bust, so between snack, milk, walks, I tried to hold a squirming body in my lap...uncessfully. Why is it when kids don't want you to pick them up they become jello and can release every joint in their bodies? Anyway, we made it through the game with only a few meltdowns, and A even got to skate with daddy after on the was pretty cute, even if I threatened him with his life to sacrifice his own body if he thought he was going to fall. Apparently canandians don't fall on to me.

It was now 5:16 and we still had an hour long drive home, minus daddy who was staying us at school to continue the fun. So like I said, I did not have high hopes. After an entire CD of toddler tunes, she is one now, we pull into our driveway. From this point on, the heavens were smiling down on us.

Dinner was great, she ate everything and didn't choke once! Then came bath time, where A resisted the daily foot splashing, soaking me from head to toe, and instead chewed on her squid toy and giggled when I cleaned her armpits. Story time was equally as peaceful, as we snuggled and read The Little Lost Puppy. Then I kissed her goodnight and haven't heard a peep since.

Since we are only up for the weekend we don't really have any food in the house. But I ordered domino's and since they had a $20 minimum on delivery, I had to through in the cini-sticks. Now this is normally when the night goes downhill, as i polish off an entire box of cini sticks before eating a few slices of pizza. But tonight I had two slices of pizza and only ate one little cini strip for dessert! A huge success! I just snuggled into bed with the dog after a bubble tub and really can't remember the last time a night was this relaxing. I mean, of course I will have to play tonight down a bit to get a mani/pedi break out of my husband who will feel badly for "deserting" us, but hey, I am only human.

Daily Mom

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So we have a new word..."no". Although I am tickled pink that A's vocabulary is expanding, I was hoping for a little longer before this word appeared. This morning we were having breakfast and I asked her if she wanted blueberries. This is actually a silly question because the kid eats so many blueberries and bananas she poops out seeds every time she goes. as I was putting them on her try today she puckered up her lips like Sebastian on Little Mermaid teaching Ariel to kiss and said "NO". So what do I do, put them on her tray anyway and say "yes". a few more "no" 's followed in between shoveling in blueberries.

Then of course since it is 7am and I haven't even had a cup of tea or anything yet, I start thinking. I say no too much? I think back to the day before. Preston, our lab, jumped up on the counter and ate A's pancakes..."NO". Then on the way to the car A threw the keys in the snow..."No, Mommy needs the keys to drive". Then at my parents when she went after their little white dog, cackling in the jeep walker..."No, A be gentle". Then when Preston jumped up and ate her turkey bologna for lunch...."NO, Preston". Then when A cleared everything out of her crib during nap time..."No". Then after nap time when A though it was funny to pinch my leg..."no, that hurts Mommy". Then when we went to pick up daddy from work and A spiked her sippy cup at the window..."No, gentle". And we had not even gotten to dinner time yet!

So my new resolution is to not say "no". I might have every alternate word there is, but hey, I am only extending my child's vocabulary, and cutting down on the chances she will say "NO" to me before she is even really able to talk!

In case you want to try it too, here are some alternates for no...
tisk tisk
dat dat dat

And when this doesn't work, I will just focus on the fact that A will be saying a lot more in a few months :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

We Made It!

A's birthday party and actual 1st birthday were this weekend, and we went with the "it is going to be crazy and just go with it" approach, and I think it actually worked! A had so much fun at her birthday party, a jungle themed event that was hysterical and not too over the top. She got some of the most adorable gifts, which I still don't know where they came from, because I swear I scour Amazon and all the time for new and exciting gifts. She even managed to pack away a huge piece of cake, that I was certain was going to come back and haunt us later that night. But to my surprise, it was pretty uneventful. You had your standard 2 year old tantrums over animal masks and a few meltdowns sporadically throughout the evening to keep all the parents on their toes, but all in all, it was a huge success!

I just can't believe we have a 1 year old now! I know everyone always says how time flies and to enjoy the little moments, but they are not kidding. I swear it was just yesterday the hospital let us take home this tiny little baby, who looked nothing like me, and trusted her health and well being to us. And now it is a year later, and we have this crazy, spicy little girl who cracks us up all day long.


Friday, February 18, 2011

A Slow Start

Why is it that whenever you are in any sort of a rush, people are so slow? Today in wegmans we were in the checkout line, about 5 minutes away from a huge meltdown, when I paused from frantically throwing my groceries on the belt to see the cashier chatting with the customer in front of me. This doesn't bother me at all, as long as she is still able to scan the groceries, something this cashier was not able to do simultaneously.

After looking impatiently at both women, and fending off the start of tears with some pancakes, it is finally my turn. Trust me, not only did I not look friendly at this time, but A was finished with pancakes and thrashing her hands all about. I assumed she would take that as a sign to speed up this process, but apparently she doesn't have kids and had no idea the meltdown that soon follows the hand thrashing.

As she begins to scan some of my groceries, at her snail pace, I consider saying something like..."I hate to be rude, but I am in a rush"...but soon realize it will just come across as rude given my demeanor. Just as I am congratulating myself on not saying something rude the cashier, instead of scanning more of my groceries, turns around and starts talking to her friend who walks by. Really!?!?

Mentally exhausted I leave wegmans with a screaming child and the longest checkout process on record.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Things

Yesterday was a crazy day in our life! We had to run out of gym class early, which A was not interested in doing, to go to the dentist. The appointment was at 11am, hence the fact we left gym early to make it on time.

After a 20 minute drive across town we arrive at our new dentist and hustle into the building. After searching for suite 501...I know, you would assume it was the first one off the elevator...for about 15 minutes we were ready to abort the mission. It was almost as though we were on one of those shows to see how far you can annoy someone before they crack. Let me describe this 5th floor to you a bit better.

First it looked as though it was a building build smack in the middle of the 60's. The red shag carpeting greeted us as we steeped off the elevator, and the walls had a racing strip about halfway up. Oh, you read correctly, half way, not the typical 1/3 of the way. It only furthered our assumption that some marijuana smoking person build this building when it listed 12 suites on the floor and we counted 5 doors. We found 511, 510, a blank door, 507, and what could only be assumed was 505 from the remnants of the letters on the door. So I do what any logical person would...I assume the person was wrong and go into suite 510 (instead of the 501 I was initially directed towards). The chubby lady behind the counter looks at A and me and says, "well you made it". Nice! So someone got the numbers mixed up, no big sort of looked like a dentist's office...i think?

As chubby reaches for A, I pull back instinctively and inquire as to where I am. Let's just say I was NOT in any dentist's office. After asking about suite 501, she informs me they moved about 10 minutes away....two years ago. Again, I think this has to be a sick joke as I pan around waiting to see a camera....but nothing. After promising to return again, Chubby let's me out with the new (a very relative term since it is 2 years old) address of the dentist.

Now we are running 30 minutes late for the appointment, and are only 30 minutes away from lunch and nap time. Yikes!

A is a complete angel and makes it through the dentist appointment without a single tear. I think she was actually laughing on my lap as the dentist was "shaving down my tooth". Long story...not super interesting!

But this whole day made me think, as I finally got A in bed at 1:42pm, as to the little things. It was almost as though A knew today was going to be a cluster of a day and we would just have to smile and pull through together. As we woke up this morning to near 50 degree weather that has only climbed all day, I realized how much I appreciate the little a crazy day without a meltdown, a nap that lasts more than 2 hours, and beautiful, warm day in the winter.

Daily Mom

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Falling a Little Bit Short

I started out today with some high hopes. I mean, why not? After yesterday's success how could I have anything but hope. I decided to skip my workout this morning, which I desperately needed after mac and cheese and chocolate mouse last night, and take A to the aquarium.

I begin planning our morning and getting her snacks all packed up (she is a bit on the small side at only about 18lbs at 1 year so I carb load the kid) when I realize the HUGE pile of dry cleaning in our closet, the library books (that are already 5 days late) in the family room, and a bowl of water with colorful rocks and no fish sitting on the dining room table.

So with a sign I decide we have to get our errands done before we can have fun. I know, I sound like such a responsible adult (ha!). When A wakes up from her nap I give her a bottle and a cereal bar...of course cut up into tiny pieces, the kid is not even 1 till Sunday...then we load ourselves in the car. I give myself a mental high-five as A is in her carseat without fussing in under 2 minutes. Nice work, mom! Just as I am about to hop in the driver seat I remember our list of errands....Number 1: drop off dry cleaning. Crap, I left the dry cleaning in the house.

Now, I will admit I am a neurotic mom, so keep that in mind. I shuffle back to A's carseat and unbuckle her for the walk back in the house for dry cleaning. Normally I just let her sit in the front entrance of our house with her pup as I run upstairs, but after her tumble down a stair yesterday...somehow she forgot how to go backwards...I take her with me as I run up to grab the dry cleaning.

Finally, back in the car with the dry cleaning shoved on the floor behind me, we are ready to go! Then I quickly run through my mental checklist again. Really! I forgot the library books too! I am working really hard on not swearing anymore, #1 because I think it is a bit trashy for girls, and #2 (the main reason) because A will be coping me soon. At least that is what the milestone chart on says!

So A is again unbuckled and schlepped into the house to retrieve the books. Now we are running 1/2 hour behind our plan and the aquarium is looking like an outing for another more organized day.

After the stop at the dry cleaners, and an expensive trip to the library, we head to the busy mom's aquarium...Petco. A has a blast looking at the fish and we even have a bonus adventure when the adoption center is all set up with cute cats and kittens.

So, in my quest to be a great SAHM (stay at home mom) I am left falling a bit short for the day. But hey, at least we have our own little aquarium on the dinning room table, happily swimming around in his little bowl!

Daily Mom

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Since this is A's first Valentine's Day we (and by we, I obviously mean me) went all out! On her highchair this morning was a card, cute box of chocolates, and an adorable studded puppy with hearts all over it. She snuggled the puppy, clearly not long enough to indulge her parents in a picture, chucked the box of chocolate on the floor (well, more for me :), and ate the card, it was pretty dumb anyways. Then moving on to breakfast, heart shaped pancakes of course, which she fed to the dog (my cooking skills are not what they should be for pancakes).

As you can see the morning was going perfectly...not even a little game of "fall down the stair" could put a damper on our day! Lunch was equally as successful, since she was exhausted from not taking her morning nap, and ate about a thimble size amount of food. I was really looking forward to nap time and getting a chance to clean up a bit and get ready for dinner tonight. I mean I am not ready for a second child by any means, but a little romance sounds fun. So as I lay A in her crib all snuggled up she looks up and me and pops up! Guess she isn't in the mood for a nap anymore. Oh well, in your crib you stay, mommy needs a break.

45 minutes later, as she is still chatting away and calling for me, I head in to see what is going on. Pretty standard, she has thrown everything out of her I pick it all up and put it back in. I gently lift the side of her diaper up by her leg to see if it is dirty and she needs a new one, and I am two fingers deep in the most poop I have ever dealt with. Now I have a squirming baby, who I can't pick up because one of my hands has poop all over it. I coax her to sit up, and can use my good hand and other elbow to get her up and onto the changing pad for a wipe-down. Ten minutes later (yes, that is how much poop there was) we are both cleaned up and she is back in her crib.

And the sick thing is...I am still in a ridiculously good mood. So either I had a few drinks at lunch today with my mom...which is a strong possibility, or the 62 degree weather has taken hold of me!

Happy Valentine's day all!

Daily Mom

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Quick Errand

It is amazing how a quick run out to the store can cause so much cause for concern, and turn into a two hour trip! We are having A's godparents over for Valentine's dinner tomorrow night, and decided to head out to the store to pick up some meat. What says I love you more than a nice big hunk of raw meat :) They opened at 9am this morning, so around 8:45 we decided to forgo A's morning nap (she did sleep in this morning so we weren't really being terrible parents) and head to the store. We also wanted to run by Kohl's after for a huge sale they were having on fleece footed pj's. It amazes me that more stores don't sell what you need seasonally during that time of year.

Okay quick is what I am talking about. We needed 12 month fleece footed pj's but literally NO stores carry them anymore. Ha, I laugh to myself...I am resourceful, I can find them such luck. I am talking gone, none on (which I love by the way) or amazon. Don't you think it would make sense to carry fleece pj's in the stores now? I mean mom's tend to think ahead but who can plan a two size growth spurt in the middle of the season...not me apparently or I would have stocked up.

Anyway, so we need to head to Kohl's where a girlfriend of mine said she found some on super sale...heck, I would have paid double to have A in a pair of pj's that would actually let her straighten her legs fully. We make it to the grocery store and are in an out in about 15 minutes...very successful. Then we hit the car and the meltdown begins. I lean over to my husband and tell him it is time to take A home and put her down for her nap, that we can do Kohl's after she wakes up. He wants to take our chances of her snoozing in the car on the way to Kohl's (about 15 minutes away) and get everything accomplished. Guess how this went?

Well, we pull into Kohl's parking lot about 35 minutes later, after I made him drive up and down and all around so A would at least get a 30 minute snoozing the car. He knows I scammed him a bit, but hey...I think we all won here.

As we leave Kohl's with no footed pj', I did not think it would be safe to put her in a 2T when she needs a 12 dawns on me. How fantastic would it be to have a store that only sold what you would need during each season. So I could have gone into Season's Best (catchy name I came up with huh!) and picked up 4 new pairs of 12 month fleece footed pj's. Maybe I will have to start buying out stores early then sitting on it to sell in my new store when everyone else is a season ahead!

Good luck today and if anyone knows where I can get fleece footed pj's, I am all ears!

Daily Mom

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Day

Another day back in the court house! So I really thought the excitement in my day would come from court. Albeit, I was wrong again. As A and I headed to music class we went through the plan for the morning, before mommy was off to Jury Duty at lunch: we would start by being on time for music class, a feat that we rarely accomplish, then off to Eddie's to get something for A for dinner, then home again to play and have lunch.

So far we were on a roll, sliding onto our little square of carpet ( I wonder where they steal all those samples from) with one minute to spare. I even managed to have A dressed in pink for Valentine's Day, with her shoes on the correct feet. Another task that rarely gets accomplished....I guess I am not talented enough to look at shoes backwards and figure out which is which. Humm...does this say something about my visual perception, or maybe I slept through the right and left lesson in preschool?

Music class was a huge success! She "snuggled" with her 2 1/2 year old cousin on the carpet while they shared the instruments, and didn't pull her baby cousin's hair (this might actually be the first time her little cousin came away from an encounter unscatthed).

I gave myself a mental high-five as I wrestled A into her carseat for our next task...the grocery store. Now, let's set something strait here...Eddie's is not what you would call a regular grocery store. It is a little slice of heaven for mom's everywhere...we'll at least in Baltimore. The store is only the size of the first floor of any Real Housewives of Atlanta's and the staff (yes, they are actually staff) would probably do your shopping for you if you asked. They have two people at the checkout, one just to bag your groceries and entertain your kids, and they would never let you carry your own bags to your car. What is the catch, you ask? Well each product is about twice the price and half as fresh as a regular store. But for that service and environment I don't even care if i have to throw out the rotten chicken and molding blueberries when I get home.

As we make our way through Eddie's collecting groceries and smiles as we go, I am not even dreading going back to juror jail after lunch. A is laughing and waving to each little old lady in the bakery, and we make it to the checkout with only a few pounds of chicken salad in addition to our list items. Then it happens...I reach in my diaper bag to grab my wallet and realize it is still sitting at home in the bag I took to jury duty yesterday. Crap! I contemplate leaving A in return for my groceries, but chicken out and head back to the car without my delicious chicken salad for lunch but with my now screaming child who knows she is going back in her carseat.

It makes me wonder if somedays are just meant to be useless, that maybe a higher being is looking down smiling and picks a few people each day just to mess with! Hope today wasn't your day to be messed with :)

Until tomorrow,

Daily Mom

Thursday, February 10, 2011

So i am sitting here in jury duty now, thinking of everything that i need to get done, but can't because I am confined to a small "quiet room" where we are instructed not to step outside the doorframe or risk a fine, up to, but not exceeding $1,000. At lest i got a comfy chair at a reasonably clean does having kids make your senses for cleanliness go up. I would do just about anything to have my diaper bag here so i could sanitize this table. Apparently i need to cut back on my tv watching because all i can picture right now is dust, dirt, and mud! You know, the Swiffer commercial guys. Hey, I told you I need to cut back, just demonstrating my point.

Anyway, the collection of people in here is classic! You have the standard Bible caring elderly, who think they will get out of jury duty for being too religious, but still have the customary sweatshirt with a big shiny picture of betty boop in red and a matching red turtleneck. I don't think they know that it is the oldest trick in the book; I saw it on a 60 minutes once, it takes a lot more to get out of jury duty than a sparkling new bible. I know, you would think they would at least make it looked used. See what i mean, i have to cut back on tv and read more books.

So back to my fellow city residence. There is the distinguished business man in the corner who is running his hands through his hair so violently and frequently he might actually start balding on the spot. Then his antithesis, sitting in the seat right next to him. Let's just say it is pretty likely our second fellow will be excused today for already having served 6 or more months in prison. Speaking of which, can you believe that is really on the form? Right after the line for occupation nonetheless. Then there is also the young jay-z...whose music is so loud coming from his headphones I am starting to rap along. Fine, you are right...the last thing I wrapped was a b-day present for my daughter.

I always looked forward to jury duty, a free day off work, and you get paid $15. Sounds pretty exciting I know...but now i would do just about anything to be at home in the middle of a meltdown with a poop explosion! My idea of fun sure has changed.

So enjoy your day at work today, whether it is with kids or adults, and be thankful you are not trapped in a nasty chair, in a small room, down a dark hall. Hum....I think I just had an idea for a children's book.

The ex-con just started snoring, so I am going to make my break!

Classic morning,

Daily Mom

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Routine Traffic Stop

So I was driving home from my parent's house and was on Charles when I got pulled over. I know what you are can anyone get pulled over on Charles? Between the bumps and the cars you can't possibly speed. You are correct. I wasn't speeding...obviously, who do you think I am...I have a baby in the car. I get pulled over (and turn onto a homeland street to avoid being right on Charles for the world to see). I mean it is really necessary to leave the blinding flashing lights on when you have already pulled someone over? Apparently, yes.

So up the cop walks, and tells me I don't have a front license plate. Now, picture my shocked face..."Really officer? Well someone was being careless and hit my car a bit ago (no specification here since it was over a year ago) and when it got fixed it came back with no holes in the front bumper, so I thought I must not need a plate (as I shrug carelessly)."

Then he goes on to tell me that MD is a two license plate state and he needs my license and registration just to document that we had contact, not for a ticket, because I didn't know I needed two plates.   :)

He goes back to his car for the standard 15.6 minutes as I shove snacks down A's throat since it is now 12:26pm. When he comes back he is smiling and laughing (yes, what else did your little computer tell you about me, I think). Then he said how he knew I looked familiar and how he worked for "Freddie" for 25 years and just LOVES my mom.

With a little wink he is telling me not to worry, because if I ever get pulled over for that again I can just show the cop the paper he gave me and say I am in the process of getting holes drilled.

As he saunters back to his car (see what 25 years of sitting in a little security booth did for his agility) he gives me a wave and tells me to say hi to Mom for him.

A classic morning!

A Day in the Life

It all started with a lunch-time routine traffic stop to realize the events I encounter each day in my life as a "daily mom" are always out of the ordinary. In the hopes that my sister will never be bored at work again, I will write down my daily battles with police, a car thief, an innocent trip to the mall, a spicy meatball of a daughter, and so much more...

Enjoy a laugh,

Daily Mom