Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So we have a new word..."no". Although I am tickled pink that A's vocabulary is expanding, I was hoping for a little longer before this word appeared. This morning we were having breakfast and I asked her if she wanted blueberries. This is actually a silly question because the kid eats so many blueberries and bananas she poops out seeds every time she goes. as I was putting them on her try today she puckered up her lips like Sebastian on Little Mermaid teaching Ariel to kiss and said "NO". So what do I do, put them on her tray anyway and say "yes". a few more "no" 's followed in between shoveling in blueberries.

Then of course since it is 7am and I haven't even had a cup of tea or anything yet, I start thinking. I say no too much? I think back to the day before. Preston, our lab, jumped up on the counter and ate A's pancakes..."NO". Then on the way to the car A threw the keys in the snow..."No, Mommy needs the keys to drive". Then at my parents when she went after their little white dog, cackling in the jeep walker..."No, A be gentle". Then when Preston jumped up and ate her turkey bologna for lunch...."NO, Preston". Then when A cleared everything out of her crib during nap time..."No". Then after nap time when A though it was funny to pinch my leg..."no, that hurts Mommy". Then when we went to pick up daddy from work and A spiked her sippy cup at the window..."No, gentle". And we had not even gotten to dinner time yet!

So my new resolution is to not say "no". I might have every alternate word there is, but hey, I am only extending my child's vocabulary, and cutting down on the chances she will say "NO" to me before she is even really able to talk!

In case you want to try it too, here are some alternates for no...
tisk tisk
dat dat dat

And when this doesn't work, I will just focus on the fact that A will be saying a lot more in a few months :)

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