Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

Tonight should have been a bit of a headache. My husband's hockey alumni weekend is this weekend in providence, so we all made the treck up on thursday to my parent's beach house in CT for the festivities. Although we got a weekend getaway, sometimes it can be more hassle than fun.

Today, after lunch and an uncessful nap, A, my husband, and I made the hour drive to Prov for the alumni game and reception. We watched daddy play, very out-of-breath, for 60 minutes as we did everything possible to entertain each other. A was not in great form to start since nap time was a bust, so between snack, milk, walks, I tried to hold a squirming body in my lap...uncessfully. Why is it when kids don't want you to pick them up they become jello and can release every joint in their bodies? Anyway, we made it through the game with only a few meltdowns, and A even got to skate with daddy after on the was pretty cute, even if I threatened him with his life to sacrifice his own body if he thought he was going to fall. Apparently canandians don't fall on to me.

It was now 5:16 and we still had an hour long drive home, minus daddy who was staying us at school to continue the fun. So like I said, I did not have high hopes. After an entire CD of toddler tunes, she is one now, we pull into our driveway. From this point on, the heavens were smiling down on us.

Dinner was great, she ate everything and didn't choke once! Then came bath time, where A resisted the daily foot splashing, soaking me from head to toe, and instead chewed on her squid toy and giggled when I cleaned her armpits. Story time was equally as peaceful, as we snuggled and read The Little Lost Puppy. Then I kissed her goodnight and haven't heard a peep since.

Since we are only up for the weekend we don't really have any food in the house. But I ordered domino's and since they had a $20 minimum on delivery, I had to through in the cini-sticks. Now this is normally when the night goes downhill, as i polish off an entire box of cini sticks before eating a few slices of pizza. But tonight I had two slices of pizza and only ate one little cini strip for dessert! A huge success! I just snuggled into bed with the dog after a bubble tub and really can't remember the last time a night was this relaxing. I mean, of course I will have to play tonight down a bit to get a mani/pedi break out of my husband who will feel badly for "deserting" us, but hey, I am only human.

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