Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Little Things

Yesterday was a crazy day in our life! We had to run out of gym class early, which A was not interested in doing, to go to the dentist. The appointment was at 11am, hence the fact we left gym early to make it on time.

After a 20 minute drive across town we arrive at our new dentist and hustle into the building. After searching for suite 501...I know, you would assume it was the first one off the elevator...for about 15 minutes we were ready to abort the mission. It was almost as though we were on one of those shows to see how far you can annoy someone before they crack. Let me describe this 5th floor to you a bit better.

First it looked as though it was a building build smack in the middle of the 60's. The red shag carpeting greeted us as we steeped off the elevator, and the walls had a racing strip about halfway up. Oh, you read correctly, half way, not the typical 1/3 of the way. It only furthered our assumption that some marijuana smoking person build this building when it listed 12 suites on the floor and we counted 5 doors. We found 511, 510, a blank door, 507, and what could only be assumed was 505 from the remnants of the letters on the door. So I do what any logical person would...I assume the person was wrong and go into suite 510 (instead of the 501 I was initially directed towards). The chubby lady behind the counter looks at A and me and says, "well you made it". Nice! So someone got the numbers mixed up, no big sort of looked like a dentist's office...i think?

As chubby reaches for A, I pull back instinctively and inquire as to where I am. Let's just say I was NOT in any dentist's office. After asking about suite 501, she informs me they moved about 10 minutes away....two years ago. Again, I think this has to be a sick joke as I pan around waiting to see a camera....but nothing. After promising to return again, Chubby let's me out with the new (a very relative term since it is 2 years old) address of the dentist.

Now we are running 30 minutes late for the appointment, and are only 30 minutes away from lunch and nap time. Yikes!

A is a complete angel and makes it through the dentist appointment without a single tear. I think she was actually laughing on my lap as the dentist was "shaving down my tooth". Long story...not super interesting!

But this whole day made me think, as I finally got A in bed at 1:42pm, as to the little things. It was almost as though A knew today was going to be a cluster of a day and we would just have to smile and pull through together. As we woke up this morning to near 50 degree weather that has only climbed all day, I realized how much I appreciate the little a crazy day without a meltdown, a nap that lasts more than 2 hours, and beautiful, warm day in the winter.

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