Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Routine Traffic Stop

So I was driving home from my parent's house and was on Charles when I got pulled over. I know what you are can anyone get pulled over on Charles? Between the bumps and the cars you can't possibly speed. You are correct. I wasn't speeding...obviously, who do you think I am...I have a baby in the car. I get pulled over (and turn onto a homeland street to avoid being right on Charles for the world to see). I mean it is really necessary to leave the blinding flashing lights on when you have already pulled someone over? Apparently, yes.

So up the cop walks, and tells me I don't have a front license plate. Now, picture my shocked face..."Really officer? Well someone was being careless and hit my car a bit ago (no specification here since it was over a year ago) and when it got fixed it came back with no holes in the front bumper, so I thought I must not need a plate (as I shrug carelessly)."

Then he goes on to tell me that MD is a two license plate state and he needs my license and registration just to document that we had contact, not for a ticket, because I didn't know I needed two plates.   :)

He goes back to his car for the standard 15.6 minutes as I shove snacks down A's throat since it is now 12:26pm. When he comes back he is smiling and laughing (yes, what else did your little computer tell you about me, I think). Then he said how he knew I looked familiar and how he worked for "Freddie" for 25 years and just LOVES my mom.

With a little wink he is telling me not to worry, because if I ever get pulled over for that again I can just show the cop the paper he gave me and say I am in the process of getting holes drilled.

As he saunters back to his car (see what 25 years of sitting in a little security booth did for his agility) he gives me a wave and tells me to say hi to Mom for him.

A classic morning!

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