Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Since this is A's first Valentine's Day we (and by we, I obviously mean me) went all out! On her highchair this morning was a card, cute box of chocolates, and an adorable studded puppy with hearts all over it. She snuggled the puppy, clearly not long enough to indulge her parents in a picture, chucked the box of chocolate on the floor (well, more for me :), and ate the card, it was pretty dumb anyways. Then moving on to breakfast, heart shaped pancakes of course, which she fed to the dog (my cooking skills are not what they should be for pancakes).

As you can see the morning was going perfectly...not even a little game of "fall down the stair" could put a damper on our day! Lunch was equally as successful, since she was exhausted from not taking her morning nap, and ate about a thimble size amount of food. I was really looking forward to nap time and getting a chance to clean up a bit and get ready for dinner tonight. I mean I am not ready for a second child by any means, but a little romance sounds fun. So as I lay A in her crib all snuggled up she looks up and me and pops up! Guess she isn't in the mood for a nap anymore. Oh well, in your crib you stay, mommy needs a break.

45 minutes later, as she is still chatting away and calling for me, I head in to see what is going on. Pretty standard, she has thrown everything out of her I pick it all up and put it back in. I gently lift the side of her diaper up by her leg to see if it is dirty and she needs a new one, and I am two fingers deep in the most poop I have ever dealt with. Now I have a squirming baby, who I can't pick up because one of my hands has poop all over it. I coax her to sit up, and can use my good hand and other elbow to get her up and onto the changing pad for a wipe-down. Ten minutes later (yes, that is how much poop there was) we are both cleaned up and she is back in her crib.

And the sick thing is...I am still in a ridiculously good mood. So either I had a few drinks at lunch today with my mom...which is a strong possibility, or the 62 degree weather has taken hold of me!

Happy Valentine's day all!

Daily Mom

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