Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Day

Another day back in the court house! So I really thought the excitement in my day would come from court. Albeit, I was wrong again. As A and I headed to music class we went through the plan for the morning, before mommy was off to Jury Duty at lunch: we would start by being on time for music class, a feat that we rarely accomplish, then off to Eddie's to get something for A for dinner, then home again to play and have lunch.

So far we were on a roll, sliding onto our little square of carpet ( I wonder where they steal all those samples from) with one minute to spare. I even managed to have A dressed in pink for Valentine's Day, with her shoes on the correct feet. Another task that rarely gets accomplished....I guess I am not talented enough to look at shoes backwards and figure out which is which. Humm...does this say something about my visual perception, or maybe I slept through the right and left lesson in preschool?

Music class was a huge success! She "snuggled" with her 2 1/2 year old cousin on the carpet while they shared the instruments, and didn't pull her baby cousin's hair (this might actually be the first time her little cousin came away from an encounter unscatthed).

I gave myself a mental high-five as I wrestled A into her carseat for our next task...the grocery store. Now, let's set something strait here...Eddie's is not what you would call a regular grocery store. It is a little slice of heaven for mom's everywhere...we'll at least in Baltimore. The store is only the size of the first floor of any Real Housewives of Atlanta's and the staff (yes, they are actually staff) would probably do your shopping for you if you asked. They have two people at the checkout, one just to bag your groceries and entertain your kids, and they would never let you carry your own bags to your car. What is the catch, you ask? Well each product is about twice the price and half as fresh as a regular store. But for that service and environment I don't even care if i have to throw out the rotten chicken and molding blueberries when I get home.

As we make our way through Eddie's collecting groceries and smiles as we go, I am not even dreading going back to juror jail after lunch. A is laughing and waving to each little old lady in the bakery, and we make it to the checkout with only a few pounds of chicken salad in addition to our list items. Then it happens...I reach in my diaper bag to grab my wallet and realize it is still sitting at home in the bag I took to jury duty yesterday. Crap! I contemplate leaving A in return for my groceries, but chicken out and head back to the car without my delicious chicken salad for lunch but with my now screaming child who knows she is going back in her carseat.

It makes me wonder if somedays are just meant to be useless, that maybe a higher being is looking down smiling and picks a few people each day just to mess with! Hope today wasn't your day to be messed with :)

Until tomorrow,

Daily Mom

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