Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Falling a Little Bit Short

I started out today with some high hopes. I mean, why not? After yesterday's success how could I have anything but hope. I decided to skip my workout this morning, which I desperately needed after mac and cheese and chocolate mouse last night, and take A to the aquarium.

I begin planning our morning and getting her snacks all packed up (she is a bit on the small side at only about 18lbs at 1 year so I carb load the kid) when I realize the HUGE pile of dry cleaning in our closet, the library books (that are already 5 days late) in the family room, and a bowl of water with colorful rocks and no fish sitting on the dining room table.

So with a sign I decide we have to get our errands done before we can have fun. I know, I sound like such a responsible adult (ha!). When A wakes up from her nap I give her a bottle and a cereal bar...of course cut up into tiny pieces, the kid is not even 1 till Sunday...then we load ourselves in the car. I give myself a mental high-five as A is in her carseat without fussing in under 2 minutes. Nice work, mom! Just as I am about to hop in the driver seat I remember our list of errands....Number 1: drop off dry cleaning. Crap, I left the dry cleaning in the house.

Now, I will admit I am a neurotic mom, so keep that in mind. I shuffle back to A's carseat and unbuckle her for the walk back in the house for dry cleaning. Normally I just let her sit in the front entrance of our house with her pup as I run upstairs, but after her tumble down a stair yesterday...somehow she forgot how to go backwards...I take her with me as I run up to grab the dry cleaning.

Finally, back in the car with the dry cleaning shoved on the floor behind me, we are ready to go! Then I quickly run through my mental checklist again. Really! I forgot the library books too! I am working really hard on not swearing anymore, #1 because I think it is a bit trashy for girls, and #2 (the main reason) because A will be coping me soon. At least that is what the milestone chart on babycenter.com says!

So A is again unbuckled and schlepped into the house to retrieve the books. Now we are running 1/2 hour behind our plan and the aquarium is looking like an outing for another more organized day.

After the stop at the dry cleaners, and an expensive trip to the library, we head to the busy mom's aquarium...Petco. A has a blast looking at the fish and we even have a bonus adventure when the adoption center is all set up with cute cats and kittens.

So, in my quest to be a great SAHM (stay at home mom) I am left falling a bit short for the day. But hey, at least we have our own little aquarium on the dinning room table, happily swimming around in his little bowl!

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