Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Quick Errand

It is amazing how a quick run out to the store can cause so much cause for concern, and turn into a two hour trip! We are having A's godparents over for Valentine's dinner tomorrow night, and decided to head out to the store to pick up some meat. What says I love you more than a nice big hunk of raw meat :) They opened at 9am this morning, so around 8:45 we decided to forgo A's morning nap (she did sleep in this morning so we weren't really being terrible parents) and head to the store. We also wanted to run by Kohl's after for a huge sale they were having on fleece footed pj's. It amazes me that more stores don't sell what you need seasonally during that time of year.

Okay quick is what I am talking about. We needed 12 month fleece footed pj's but literally NO stores carry them anymore. Ha, I laugh to myself...I am resourceful, I can find them such luck. I am talking gone, none on (which I love by the way) or amazon. Don't you think it would make sense to carry fleece pj's in the stores now? I mean mom's tend to think ahead but who can plan a two size growth spurt in the middle of the season...not me apparently or I would have stocked up.

Anyway, so we need to head to Kohl's where a girlfriend of mine said she found some on super sale...heck, I would have paid double to have A in a pair of pj's that would actually let her straighten her legs fully. We make it to the grocery store and are in an out in about 15 minutes...very successful. Then we hit the car and the meltdown begins. I lean over to my husband and tell him it is time to take A home and put her down for her nap, that we can do Kohl's after she wakes up. He wants to take our chances of her snoozing in the car on the way to Kohl's (about 15 minutes away) and get everything accomplished. Guess how this went?

Well, we pull into Kohl's parking lot about 35 minutes later, after I made him drive up and down and all around so A would at least get a 30 minute snoozing the car. He knows I scammed him a bit, but hey...I think we all won here.

As we leave Kohl's with no footed pj', I did not think it would be safe to put her in a 2T when she needs a 12 dawns on me. How fantastic would it be to have a store that only sold what you would need during each season. So I could have gone into Season's Best (catchy name I came up with huh!) and picked up 4 new pairs of 12 month fleece footed pj's. Maybe I will have to start buying out stores early then sitting on it to sell in my new store when everyone else is a season ahead!

Good luck today and if anyone knows where I can get fleece footed pj's, I am all ears!

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  1. Hi there! :) I just saw your mommyblog on Topmommyblogs and I found some Fleece Footy pj's at Target, they are Red and Green Christmas Colors, but I don't think they had any Christmas trees or Christmasy Cartoons on them. AND they were marked down. I hope that helps. Sorry you didn't have any luck finding them.


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