Friday, February 18, 2011

A Slow Start

Why is it that whenever you are in any sort of a rush, people are so slow? Today in wegmans we were in the checkout line, about 5 minutes away from a huge meltdown, when I paused from frantically throwing my groceries on the belt to see the cashier chatting with the customer in front of me. This doesn't bother me at all, as long as she is still able to scan the groceries, something this cashier was not able to do simultaneously.

After looking impatiently at both women, and fending off the start of tears with some pancakes, it is finally my turn. Trust me, not only did I not look friendly at this time, but A was finished with pancakes and thrashing her hands all about. I assumed she would take that as a sign to speed up this process, but apparently she doesn't have kids and had no idea the meltdown that soon follows the hand thrashing.

As she begins to scan some of my groceries, at her snail pace, I consider saying something like..."I hate to be rude, but I am in a rush"...but soon realize it will just come across as rude given my demeanor. Just as I am congratulating myself on not saying something rude the cashier, instead of scanning more of my groceries, turns around and starts talking to her friend who walks by. Really!?!?

Mentally exhausted I leave wegmans with a screaming child and the longest checkout process on record.

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