Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Boy!

Just as we were relaxing and having a nice, calm weekend, my husband decided to spice it up a bit. OKay, I am going to throw it out there, that when you have one pregnant person in the relationship the other person often feels like they not only need to eat similar amounts, but also booze enough for the both of you. My husband has no problem making sure he only eats for one, but when I am not there to hold my own in the cocktail count, I think he gets lonely and drinks for us both. I mean, hey, I would!

So Saturday night started off with a throw-back "Old School" cocktail party at my sister's beach house. There were grinder to munch on, cold beers in a cooler, and a rum punch that even without the rum was pretty darn amazing. After a social time on the porch watching the waves crash on the sand, we headed inside to play some good old drinking games. Kings was first on our list with a seamless transition to asshole a few hours later. I played along with my Buckler and can tell you we were honestly having the best time.

Around 11pm I decided to call it quits, because let's be honest, no matter how much fun I was having drinking fake beer, I am big and tired and was ready to kick my feet up and call it a night. I headed home on my bike, since as you know, we are on a small peninsula here where bikes have the right of way over cars, and it is not unusual to see kids as young as 4 riding off to lessons by themselves. So after I adjusted A's helmet to tuck into my bike seat and not whack me while I rode, I climbed on my bike and headed for home. I had finally gotten my stupid pregnancy pillow situated just right and was snuggled in bed when my hubby walked in and sat on the edge of his bed.

Humm...this seemed off. I asked if everything was okay, when he mentioned he might have fallen off his bike on the way home. Like I said, we really like to have fun up here and a drunken bike race home is pretty standard, so I didn't think much of it, until he mentioned he might need stitches.

Within the second I was up and over to his side of the bed (trust me, not easy). I checked out his chin, and not knowing anything about stitches I told him he looked good and guided him into the bathroom to get a better look. I quickly dialed my sister, yes, the other prego one, to pop up and give me a second opinion.   

When she saw the cut in the light she decided that maybe he didn't need stitches, but would certainly need butterfly stitches or glue to make sure everything healed all right. Our friend Ashley was with her too, and she seconded that opinion. So at midnight I pulled on my yoga pants and a sweatshirt, left A's monitor with my sister, and hubby and I headed for the ER.

Since we only summer up here and my family is not very accident prone, I only knew of the little medical center that sits just outside of the closest town. As we pulled in to a very dim, and empty parking lot, I knew we were in trouble. The security guard informed me they were closed, but there was another hospital about 15 minutes away. So back in the car we went and headed a little further down the road.

After about an hour we were checked in, examined, and in a room waiting for the doctor to come in and stitch my husband's chin. Not long after, but 5 stitches later, we were heading back unusually quiet husband and an unusually awake me pulled back into our driveway around 2am. I am glad he wasn't seriously hurt, because it sure did make for some serious laughs the next day.

I mean what would a throw-back cocktail party really be if it didn't involve a trip to the ER?


Daily Mom

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The weekends are always the best when daddy arrives and makes each second that much better!

Daily Mom

A and Daddy

Our little playground monster!

Finally a double bump picture! My sister and I who are due two weeks apart!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tennis Update

So I know you all have been dying with suspense, sorry about that, but the tournament went great! I had a random partner (hence the draw format) but she was very nice and we had a blast playing together. I didn't injure myself at all, even though I was pretty tired after playing tennis for over three hours...but all in all it was a smashing (hah, pun intended) success.

Just started to rain here, so that puts a drastic halt on any beach day plans :(

Anyone have any fun activities they like to do in rainy weather?


Daily Mom

Monday, August 6, 2012


Wow, what a week! So, I decided to take tennis lessons down here with my sisters and our really good family friend, and let me tell you it has been a BLAST! Granted I haven't picked up a racket in years, so why did I wait until I was 6 months pregnant to start again...who knows, but it has been more fun than I could ever have imagined. Let me reiterate...I am pretty bad, but once you get all my sisters together the good ole' competitive spirit comes out and away we go. In fact, we are all playing in a tennis tournament tomorrow! Hehe...see...when I get into something, I go all out.

But enough about me, I know you are all dying to hear about A's progress. Well...the summer up here is like a magic time capsule. I swear A grows about 6 months time for each month she is here. Already she is swimming with water wings all by herself, and riding her balance bike all over picking up her feet and cruising for long stretches. And as you all know, A is not a great eater. I mean she isn't terrible but she is a typical 2 1/2 year old who will pick here and there, but meals up here are like a new kid. She gobbles down anything and everything, and has even found some new favorites in lobster and calamari. I know, who doesn't like fried squid, right?

I have been terrible at taking pictures (shocker) but have managed to snap a couple on my cell.

Our future Olympian...

A with cousin C, the little mermaids

Finding snails to smash and give to the crabs to eat feet!

Building her first sandcastle without help! ALLELUIA


Daily Mom

ps...wish me luck tomorrow!