Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Like A Lion...

We decided to kick off March with a trip to the Zoo!
Since the Zoo officially goes on summer hours in March (open 7 days a week) we grabbed the kids, packed a lunch, and headed out. The weather was gorgeous...almost 65 degrees and we spent longer than we ever had before walking around the exhibits and letting the kids explore, before settling down to have our picnic lunch.

 It really was the perfect day to walk and talk with friends and laugh at our little munchkins. The animals must have thought so also, since we got a private swim show from the otter, came super close to the giraffes, watched the penguins swim around, and snuggled with some friendly goats.
Just chillin' with my friends!

Perfecting her model pose

"E, let's move!"

"Do you need a good scratch?"

I think we might need to work on her bird face...she has the wings down but the face, oh my.

What a day!

 All in all, the perfect way to jump start the spring!


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  1. Fun!

    I still love that her collar is always up! :-)


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