Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here We Go!

Can you believe it is already Tuesday night? I can't!

The weekend was crazy...we started with A's butterfly Birthday party and then had a nice, relaxing night on Saturday. But unfortunately, as we were taking A and Preston for a walk we got a call from my college roommate, teammate, bridesmaid, and great friend that her father had died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Shocked, we rearranged the rest of our weekend and headed to New York. After spending some quality time with her and her family on Monday morning at the service and afterwards, we headed back into the city to let A get some beans out.

We met up with our great summer friends, and their adorable, all-boy son, and let the kids tear around. They played, stole toys from each other, smashed each other with the play toolset, and then kissed and made up. I wish we lived closer, because I know Colt and his parents would fit in perfectly with all of our friends here!
"Sweet Jesus...what is Colt about to do, Mommy?"

"Okay, slowly...not on the lips!"

"Hum, that wasn't so bad :)"

After an amazing stay with "Aunt Amanda", who I kid you not, has an apartment that is better than staying at the Plaza! We had one final dinner, toasting to the breaking news of our house being under contract, then packed into the car for the trip home.

Three hours later we were walking into our newly, "under contract" house (hurray!!!) and began making lists. With just over 24 hrs till the inspection and loads of laundry and cleaning, we have worked non-stop. Okay, maybe A and I stole away for a bit this morning to hit up the library and gym class, and for an hour or two after naptime for a park playdate with Gigi...but besides that we have been getting ready.

I am exhausted, nervous, and can't wait till tomorrow afternoon to hear how the inspection goes, and maybe, just maybe, we will be one step closer to moving into our new house!!!



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  1. Holy crap! I'm so behind!! CONGRATS on being under contract!! That is AWESOME! Hope the inspection went well. (I assume you wrote about it so I'll just have to keep reading.)

    Love the commentary on the pics! Too cute!


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