Friday, February 3, 2012

Have You Thought About it...

I am sure you are sick of sitting in your long pants and sweaters, while I am here in my bikini (don’t worry, I don’t have to worry about being slutty mom here since my bathing suit covers all my private parts…not something you always see down here) enjoying the sun, so I thought I would talk about something different today.

I just popped up to our condo after a nice swim and a relaxing nap in the sun to relieve my dad who was reading while A napped. Don’t worry, I told you I would not gloat about being here today, I am just leading up to my point. Anyway, as I was sitting here on the couch, listening to the waves crash rhythmically on the shore (okay, sorry…last time, I promise J ) I was thinking about parenting, and how nice the universe actually is…

Okay, so here me out.

When you find out you are pregnant you get about 9 or 10 months of getting ready for the arrival of the baby. Your body goes into deep sleep and cleaning mode initially, which helps get the house ready and prepare you for the lack of sleep you will be getting when this little bundle of joy arrives.

Then when the baby arrives you get this adorable little blob who essentially eats and sleeps. Which is fantastic because first of all you don’t really know what to do with this thing anyway, and are so exhausted you cannot keep your own eyes open for more than two hours.  

Fast forward a bit and you get a small child who needs a morning nap and an afternoon nap, leaving you some time to nap and shower and of course eat, since all three of those daily necessities get swept under the not-quite-so-clean-anymore rug.

Then the toddler transitions to one afternoon nap, leaving you some time to regroup and deal with life, blog, do some laundry that has been neglected, craft, and all those special things you used to love to do before this baby arrived. You feel as though you are getting a handle on life as you knew it, and are finally out of the fog of the early years.

And by the time they are out of naps, you have this parenting thing down and are finally ready to handle having the kid around all day, or are really good at finding activities for it to do alone, while you manage to volunteer, shop on-line, make dinner, and of course do more laundry.

So, thank you universe for realizing that parenting is actually quite challenging and that weaning parents into having to entertain and occupy their child all day, without the glorious naptime break, is quite essential for making sure everyone makes it out of this alive!


Daily Mom


  1. My sentiments exactly! The weaning is soooo nice...and necessary!
    By the way, please come over to my blog and follow via RSS (or email). Google Friend Connect is no longer available to WordPress users (starting this March) and I don't want to lose some of my fave fellow bloggers!
    Oh, and have a GREAT remainder of your vacation!

  2. Everything looks a little brighter in St. Maartin doesn't it?? :-)

    I'm glad you had that time to reflect! And yes, thank goodness for the weaning! I mean the childbirth thing and then the breastfeeding thing, and the no sleep thing is rough, but thank goodness we get a little time to adjust to the next phase! At least we got a break there! :-)


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