Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gym Class

I always talk about how much fun A has at gym, but I haven't been able to get any pictures of her there because, well, it has frankly been too dangerous letting her do everything on her own without my spotting. But this morning I put on my big-girl underwear and grabbed my camera. She had a blast, as always, running around with her friends, swinging on the bars, doing forward rolls, and even perfecting her assisted back handspring. My heart was in my throat the entire class as she nearly missed the bars once, got bulldozed by Izzie twice, and teetered on the beam. But, we both made it through unscathed and I have pictures to show off, so as Charlie Sheen would say, "winning!".
"Hula hoops, huh?"

"Miss Beth, this IS fun!"

Jumping on my "trampoline"

"Mom, watch me!"


"Almost there..."

"A little more... got it!"

"Stop talking, I need to focus."

"Careful, A."

"Really? I don't need to be careful, I have skills."

"Phew, I need a rest."

"Look at me, Mom!!!"

"Let's do it!"

"Start tall, get small, roll like a ball!"

Izzy and A....the class clowns.

"Up, and over."

"Do you think I can bounce on two balls?"

"Yeah, that didn't work out so well."


"Here, just stay still. Okay, there you go."

"Mother, you are embarrassing me. Turn off the camera now."

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  1. I love that her collar is flipped up! TOO CUTE!

    Babe would just die at a gym like that! She is constantly doing somersaults and stuff! Love it!! What a great place to have!


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