Friday, February 17, 2012

New Blogging Book Club Book!

Just like I promised, I have found the next book for the Blogging Book Club. It is...

This author and mom was recently featured on the Today Show, and after hearing about her book, I thought I would give it a try. Now, I am much more of a beach read kind of girl, so something more serious about foreign parenting has to be very intriguing to get me hooked. But alas, after hearing the Parisian views on parenting, I was hooked!

Who wouldn't want a  child who eats their vegetables, acts properly in public, and can play nicely at night while the adults are having a glass of wine and catching up? And while I do not have all the answers yet, I have learned so far that the Parisian way of parenting is greatly about setting strict boundaries and sticking to them, while being lenient in other areas. The children's toys don't take over the living room and dining room area in French houses because children know the toys don't belong there...but on the flip side, they can have all the toys and virtually no limits on what to play with, in their rooms.

I think the main selling point for me was having a child who plays happily while the adults are catching up and having a glass of wine. Our little A hasn't always been very good about playing while adults talk and interact, but more recently she is learning to wait her turn while the adults are talking and will play happily while we are sitting nearby. I am not sure how this evolved, but I can't wait to get further into the book and learn some new ideas.

The book follows an American woman as she loses her job, jumps headfirst into a whirlwind relationship with a British man, marring him 6 month after their first date, and their ultimate decision to live in Paris and raise a family. It examines the different views Americans and Parisians hold in regard to pregnancy, childbirth, and raising children, while igniting some serious self refection and ah-ha moments. I hope you join me in this adventure as I explore the highs and lows of the Parisian parenting philosophy, and of course, learn some trick along the way.

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*I ordered my kindle e-book from Amazon, and the book is available online and in print version, as well. And as always, these views are my own and I have not been given any compensation for my thoughts or feelings.

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  1. JUST in time! I finished my most recent book at lunch today and was wondering what to read next. I will be loading this onto my iPod shortly! :-)


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