Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, A!

Today our sweet little girl turned 2 years old! And although it is only nap time, we have had quite a morning. Here is her birthday, so far, in pictures.
Sneaking a peek at my little girl and her daddy

Fancy Nancy is the perfect way to start a birthday!

Pure love...

This was waiting for A in the kitchen from Nana and Papa!

Her first look as she saw it!

I literally peeled her off her new bike for some blueberry pancakes

A lollipop...was all she wanted for her birthday

Of course we met E and Nicole for some birthday bike fun!

"E, are you coming?"

"Look at me mommy!!!!!"

"A, wait for me."

"Come on slow poke!"

Of course they had to try each others bikes.

Then it was off to the playground for some more fun...

Too cute for word...

...these two best friends.

And of course after lunch, A got her first lollipop!


"I LOVE it!"

Happy Birthday to our adorable, crazy, amazing, and all around spicy little 2 year old!

Daily Mom

*Stay tuned for part two of her birthday celebration later since all of her cousins are coming over for pizza dinner tonight!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Looks like it's already a perfect birthday!

    Is that one of those no pedal balance bike things? I think those are great! We have training wheels and Bud still refuses to get rid of them. (I wouldn't be surprised if Babe gets rid of them before Bud! lol!)

    Hope A has a wonderful, sugar-filled, I mean fun-filled birthday!! ;-)


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