Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogging Book Club: What Alice Forgot


Okay, so was this not the best book you have read in a really long time? Yeah, I pretty much loved it. I have to say my favorite aspect was watching Alice evolve from "new" Alice whom she was not a fan of, to the old Alice who was carefree and easy going. Couldn't you just picture yourself in her shoes as you are debating ignoring the fact that the house needs cleaning and the laundry needs folding just to take a nap. Then that strict little voice in your head starts barking orders and you skip the nap for another day. Gosh, I certainly could!

Not only could I relate so well to the characters, but I feel the book made me reexamine my relationship with my husband in a whole new light. Have we become nags towards each other, do we still appreciate the little things in our life like holding hands and a moment alone, do I dictate A's schedule so severely he is scared to jump in and help?

I love it. I though the book was meaningful, while humorous, realistic, while hopeful.

My favorite parenting tip was when Nick and Alive took Madison out of school (well after she was suspended) and they went to the beach. They knew yelling and punishing would not work, and that what she needed more than anything was time to connect to her parents and have her feelings be heard again. I can only hope to be that level headed when I am faced with comparable situations.

There was only one time I almost threw the book against the wall, (which would have really stunk since I was reading it on my ipad) when Alice's memory came back at the meringue pie contest and she scowled at Nick and hugged Dominick. I mean really Alice! But not long after my heart started to melt again as she kept remembering the good times and the trying times with Nick and you could see her opening up to that relationship again. I am pretty sure I would have written a letter to the author if at the end, Nick was not the one snoring away next to Alice in bed on Mother's Day.

I hope you enjoyed it, learned something, or just had a nice break from reality...

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  1. I was right there with you at the meringue pie contest! I just wanted to smack her!

    I, too, took a look at my relationship with my husband. I'm happy to say we compare pretty well to the "old" Alice and Nick. (Not that we always did - because we definitely did not - but now we do! Yay!)

    Basically, a big ditto to everything you wrote! It's one of the best I've read in a while and I couldn't put it down!! Great pick!!


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