Monday, February 6, 2012

Vacation Recap

What a trip. I know I didn't want to flood you with boring stories about the cutest little beach bum there is, but since I now have the pictures to back it up...hang in there :)

Here is my little maniac tearing through the butterfly farm, trying to touch each butterfly...

Speachless....a first.

"Now, A, don't touch the butterflies okay?"
"Okay, Daddy!"

"Just walking up the path, minding my business..."

EWWWW! If one of these had landed on me, it would have tramatized my child and our fun field trip would have definitely been over. Phew...thank goodness Daddy was calmer.

"Oh...I see one!"

"A! No touching!"

A smart butterfly that stayed out of her reach.

Oh, Ah....

Someone was completely mesmerized...

A nice cool fruit punch after...yummm

Splashing in the pool with Gigi...
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"Daddy, I do it like a big girl."

Wash off the sand...

"All by myself"

"Silly, Gigi."

Running around the beach...

"Ew, my hands are dirty."

"All clean!"

"Mommy, what is that?"

"That's my shadow?"

"Oh. Hi shadow!"

Shadows in the sand

"Woah...that was cold."

"Bye-bye beach. See you next year. MUAH!"

And some cute snaps with Mommy and Daddy!

Until next time...

Vacation was amazing, but I know A is happy to be home and back in her routine. Today, A bounced around school, half asleep, playing with all her friends, and checking to make sure all the toys were just where she left them. Then it was off to the grocery store since our fridge looks like we have been gone about a month, and of course lunch with E and Nicole.

But now, I have to get back to work...I have about a million loads of laundry, plenty of unpacking and organizing, a puppy who needs some love, and a showing on Wednesday and an Open House on Sunday to get ready for in the next few days!

Daily Mom  

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  1. What a wonderful vacation! Great pictures!

    Good luck with the showings! Here's hoping!


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