Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Back!

I know I have been pretty un-bloggy recently, but I can explain.

Well, not really, but I swear I have been super busy. So let me catch you up a bit on what has been going on...

First, yes, we are Under Contract, but of course the day of the inspection was the day it decided to monsoon rain around here, and since it was the first real rain we had seen in over two months, our basement flooded. Now, we have a concrete basement with a French drain, so it is supposed to get some water in it, but this was way more that we had ever seen living here. In fact, we are pretty sure (and by "we" I mean the plumber we had come over the next day) that the inspector started in the basement and hit the ball on the sump pump so it stopped working. Great job, buddy!

Needless to say, they were pretty freaked out by the water in the basement and we haven't hear a peep from them since...yikes!

Then, my sister has been really sick recently so A and I went over last night to play with little Cousin C, so my sister could get some much needed rest. The girls were beyond adorable. They played for an hour and a half, then we had a delicious dinner of A's famous meatballs (yes, she actually makes them with me), and a fun, albeit wet, tub!
coloring today in the playroom

Then it was on to bath time...

"C, what are you doing with that!"

I think this is the perfect shot of A looking pretty freaked out after C dumped water on her head, and then little C looking so innocent :)

Tackling C's animals

They were moving pretty fast!

After letting the girls run around in their jammies for a little longer it was time to say good night and head home.

And then today...drum roll please...was A's first dentist appointment! I was worried about the little thing that attaches above her two front teeth. Not quite sure what that is called? Sure, I am no dentist but it looked pretty short to me. Luckily the dentist didn't think I was cut out for dental school either, since he declared her teeth and gums perfectly healthy.

He did tell me I had to get her off of apple juice, since it is the leading cause of cavities and gum disease among kids (yikes, way to scare a mom) so of course we headed right for whole food to stock up on coconut water...her favorite drink besides good ole apple juice.  Maybe he does have a point, since a glass of apple juice has on average 28-33 grams of sugar and the coconut water only has 5 grams for the same serving size. And since A is not a big milk drinker, I guess I will be using my milk money for coconut water from now on!

So, that pretty much sums up the last few days of our life.

On a side note it is so beautiful outside today I am trying to get organized enough to have a picnic dinner in the gardens tonight with my cute little girl! Okay, well off to plan and pack a basket!


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  1. That totally sucks about the water! I'm hoping no news is good news! After all, they shouldn't really have to be in contact unless they wanted to back out. Good luck and keep us posted!

    It's beautiful here too! A picnic sound perfect! Although, our weather, I'm sure, is not as warm as yours so we'll probably hold off a little on that! :-)


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