Thursday, March 8, 2012

A True Spring Day

I am not even sure beautiful begins to describe today. As I stepped outside this morning to let Preston out, it was already a warm 55 degrees, which has only gotten better. We decided there was nothing better than the first really warm day at the zoo, so off we went to see some animals. The kids are at such a fun age now, running through the "marsh lands", investigating the "wetlands", and of course playing with the goats. With a cool breeze blowing in 70 degree weather, five mom's laughing, and 8 kids romping, it really was the perfect morning.


"Mom...these are my "get me out of here" eyes in case you didn't know."

A and Ellie chilling on the turtle

"Boys, this is not really as fun as you made it look."

"Yes, it is!!!"

"Ew, MOM, there is something in my shoe!"

"Why, hello Mr. River Otter."

"Brush, check. Goats, check. Nasty hair on bruch, check, check, check."

"Oh, you are so thirsty."

"What is that down there mom?"


"Am I growing?"

"E, hold on to me silly boy."

"Really, mom? How am I supposed to go fast when he won't hold on?"

"E...where should that hand be?"

"Nate...look in here!"

"Hey, I want to see."



Daily Mom

ps...the appraisal for our house was today, so keep your fingers crossed it is nice and high!

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  1. What a fun day at the zoo! I can't wait for 70 degree weather up here!! I was ecstatic for 50! :-)

    Good luck with the appraisal!!


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