Monday, April 9, 2012

The Library Nanny

I know what you are thinking..."Two posts in one day? What is going on?" and I know it is shocking since I have been super MIA recently, but I wanted to share one ridiculous story with you before heading upstairs to continue packing up our house.

So, we didn't have school today, Easter Monday maybe, but really because A's teacher had her whole family over for Easter last night and told us she needed a day to recover. But we decided to head to the library this morning before running to Target then Wegman's for our groceries.

It was a day like any other. We found a great spot, grabbed our books to return, and headed in to play. I had just finished checking out our standard 15 books and was settling into one of the mini chairs to check my email on my phone while A was playing, when this girl, about my age, comes up to me. Of course I had noticed her before since there are only about 2 other mom's and kids in the kids room and I like to people watch and figure out funny things about people, and I had already decided she was the nanny to the two little blond cuties she was chasing around. How could I be sure? First of all she was standing the whole time (very un-mom like not to slump in the corner). Second, she was frantically searching for the kids walking in and out of the book shelves when every mom knows if you stand still in one spot and look it is a lot easier to find the kids. And third because she wasn't wearing a ring (not everyone does, but around here they mostly do) and looked like she had just done a serious bender the night before in college.

Anyway, back to my as I was getting nice and comfortable in the little kid chairs, she walks up to me and our conversation goes something like this...

Nanny: "Hey did you check out books yet?"

Me: "Um, yeah, I already did."

Nanny: "Well, if we leave around the same time can you check some books out for me? I forgot my wallet and the 3 year old will freak if we don't get to check out books."

Me: "Could you get a loaner card or something?"

Nanny: "I don't have my ID."

Me: "Oh, right."

Nanny: "So?"

Me: "Um..well...I am not sure."

Nanny: "What? It is not like I am going to steal them or something. I come here every week."

Me: "What if you don't return them on time?"

Nanny: "I always do."

Me: "Oh, okay."

Luckily, my friend Megan arrived right around this time and we hid in the corner together until the Nanny realized I was a lost cause and called the kids' mom to come and bring their library card.

Phew...I know I am not good at saying "no", but I have got to get better. Today was a little too close of a call!


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  1. haha! You are too funny! I wouldn't have even thought about it being a problem. I think I'm too trusting! ha! But also, around here, everyone knows everyone. Bud went to the library once with a friend and they let him check out books on my account even though they didn't have my card. We live in different worlds! :-)


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