Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

I have learned a lot about myself from this move...well upcoming move, tomorrow! First of all I could never be one of those girls who gets in a dramatic,screaming fight with her husband, throws some clothes into a bag, and storms out the door. After attempting to pack my closet tonight once I got A to bed, I started with my big roller suitcase...and filled it in a flash, emptying only two shelves. Then it was on to my Vera Bradley's...three of them later and I am almost down to just hanging clothes and shoes remaining...almost. So needless to say, I don't think I would elicit the desired response if while screaming, "that's it, you don't love me as much as ___________ (fill in the blank)" I was making four trips to the car to collect all my clothes. Oh well, if hubby and I can make it through a house renovation, and a toddler, I think we can handle just about anything. Now, on to my second point...I would never call myself a planner, well in the real sense of the word. I love random and spontaneous outings, I live for spur of the moment decisions (yes, I am the girl who goes to a pet store and sees a poor puppy in need and brings it home), but man do I need to have a general plan. Let's take tomorrow for example. I need to know what the general plan is, what is expected of me, and where all my furniture and boxes will be going. If I could poof and have it all set up too, oh you better believe I would! And finally, let me let you in on one more little hubby and I have VERY different priorities. Here is a little conversation that just interrupted my blogging... Him: "You haven't seen the screwdriver anywhere have you?" Me: "um, the Philips head one?" H: "yes" M: "It is in my diaper bag. Why, do you need it?" H: "Are you insane? I have to take stuff apart here...what is it doing in your diaper bag?" M:"I thought I would put A's new playhouse together if I had some time tomorrow." H: "If you put that thing together in the next 7 days I will choke you." M: "Oh I will!" (said with a big smile) H: defeated, he leaves me to blog. Like I said different priorities. He is concerned with getting all the furniture taken apart and over to the new house as quickly and efficiently as possible and I am more worried about getting the kitchen and A's new room all ready, and of course having a new toy for her to play with at the new house! It is always like this thought and I attribute our different priorities to getting a lot done quickly....because while he is picking out faucets so we have a way to turn on the sink, I am picking out lamp shades that will really highlight our paint colors. But hey, isn't every day a learning experience?! Well tomorrow just might be a college cram course on a venti Starbucks espresso :) Wish us luck!!! And just think, next time I blog (I know don't hold your breath) it could be from my beautifully arranged office in the new house. Or if hubby has his way, my computer balancing on a stack of unopened boxes. Xoxo Daily Mom

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  1. We moved into our house 3 years ago (almost to the day) and I still have boxes that haven't been unpacked. It drives my husband crazy. I think it's safe to say we have different priorities too. (Although, seriously, if it bothers you that much, do it yourself big guy!)

    I can't wait to see pictures (of the put-together playhouse of course)! Good luck with the move!!!!


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