Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here One Day...

And gone the next.

That is the predicament I found myself in this morning when, as I do each morning after breakfast and some play time, I announce to A that it is time for mommy to shower. We grab whatever toy she loves at the moment and carry it up to her room, stopping only to pick out a few more toys from the office, before a fast pit stop in mommy and daddy's room to coax a slightly exasperated yellow lab off of her bed.

A I dump the toy collection, sippy cup, and dog onto her floor I am already heading to her drawers to pick out the blanket she would like for her "picnic". Finally with everything in place I give her a kiss and tell her I will come and get her after my shower.

And until this morning I have enjoyed a full 15 minutes of warm water and peace before towling off and releasing the beast to come play in my room.

Yet this morning, before the water even had time to get hot, I heard the shuffled pitter-patter of jammies down the hall and into my bathroom. Apparently someone was all done playing in her room while mommy took a shower. So with frequent cold burts from opening the shower door, and endless questions, I lost my 15 minutes of peace this morning.

And although I never really appreciated it before I am going to miss a little silence and a lot of privacy each morning.

Daily Mom

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  1. Ah yes! I've taught Babe and Bud that they must ALWAYS close the bathroom door when I'm in the shower. I've given up on peace and quiet but I refuse to give up warm! :-)


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