Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Bonanza

We are in full blown Easter mode in our house! The candy is hidden, the baskets are coming together, and the eggs are ready to be found.

 We decided to jump start the holiday yesterday with a trip to the Zoo for the Bunny-Bonanza! It was complete chaos, kids running everywhere with bunny ears and baskets, parents trying to find their kids in a sea of pink, yellow, and green, and of course some oversized animals to freak the kids out at almost every turn.

We started with some crafts

then went straight to the egg hunt, where the kids ran every which way looking for five different colored eggs. The girls really got it, picking up each egg gently, and putting them in their basket, and the boys...well they were being boys, rolling through the eggs and kicking them all over the grass. The egg hunt did wrapped up nicely with a complementary Mary Sue egg...yumm!

Then it was time to head to see the animals. After a morning of running after eggs and making Easter crafts, they were tuckered out. Once we made it over to where the animals were, we realized it was time to forget our plan of a lap of two through the Zoo, and headed to the tables for an early lunch.

After recharging with some lunch the kids were ready to take a ride on the little red train. They loved waving to the people and looking at everything we passed.

Although we only caught a glimpse of one or two live animals, it was a great day spent at the Zoo for some Easter fun!


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  1. What a fun thing to do!!

    (And love that little wave in the last picture! Too cute!)


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