Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking In Some Culture

Today started as a chilly and cloudy day, so we knew we wanted to do something indoors to stay nice and warm, but we couldn't think of something new and exciting that we hadn't done a million times before. Then it came to us...the Museum! We packed a lunch and headed off to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Not having been there in quite some time (almost an embarrassingly long time) I didn't really know what to expect. The BMA is not as formal as our main art museum, the Walters, where I would always take my students for class trips, so we thought this would be the perfect introduction to art!

When we arrived and were waiting for E and Nicole, we hopped into the BMA store and spent over 15 minutes mesmerized by the collection of education and skill developing toys. Even the kids would be fooled here...they had everything from tangrams (great spatial tool) to lace boards (awesome for hand-eye coordination), and almost everything in between.

No sooner had I dragged A away from all the games and puzzles, then E arrived with Nicole ready to explore the museum. We started with the clay figurines and African art, then headed towards the exhibit we knew A would love best...the Miniature Rooms. They were beyond breath taking, especially since they were each the size of a doll house room. After some serious coaxing, we headed off to explore some more rooms. We passed the Thinker, saw Degas' dancers, explored some Matisse, and then relaxed in the Cone Sister's collection.
"Look at the blue beads, Mom."

"E, our bikes are definitely not this fancy!"

One of the Miniature Rooms

Another Miniature Room...Couldn't you just live there?

Heading upstairs for more...

The Thinker and my little thinker

"How is my dancer pose mom?"

"E, watch out! I am working on second position."

Nothing like sitting on a bench and taking in some Matisse.

Although it was amazing watching A run around and look at all the different sculptures and paintings, my favorite part of the day, hands-down, was when we had finally made it back to the car and I turned to her and asked her what her very favorite part of the Museum was, and without a moment of hesitation, she smiled from ear to ear and said "I just loved the little doll houses".

I am not sure there is anything better than taking a 2 year old on an Educational fieldtrip, where all she sees is fun!


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  1. Once again I feel not worthy to be in your mom-presence. Awesome trip!


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