Thursday, September 29, 2011

No, No, We Won't Go!

Today, instead of doing a million different posts, I thought I would just wrap it all into try to stay with me as my brain shifts a few times :)

First of all...yesterday, we saw something that we haven't seen in so long it was a little bit terrifying and a lot exciting...the SUN! So when A woke up from her nap, we grabbed the dog and the stroller and took off. Now, picture us strolling along...I am just minding my business pulling snacks, toy, and sippy cups out of every pocket possible in the stroller to keep A happy, when I look up and see this...

Yes, that is one nasty, disgusting, and terrifying praying mantis. Let's go back a second...I cannot stand these insects (?) and I promise you if it was not illegal to kill them, I would have squashed about 6 in my life. I think they know I don't like them, so they prey on me. Ugh, I have probably seen on the plus side of 6 at our house (thank goodness all outside) over the past 4 years. I mean if they are really endangered should they be all over the place...I don't think so. But, what is creepier than a regular, nasty praying mantis? Well let me tell you...this horrid, vomit in your mouth albino one I ran into yesterday. I swear it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it...blah!

So then, as I was relaying my horror story about this praying mantis to my hubby when he got home last night, while making dinner..chicken enchiladas that were amazing...and I glanced down to the kitchen floor where A had been playing with her cards and toys quietly. A little too quietly, if you know what I mean...and I find this...

I mean, break my little heart! My little peanut wants to be just like mommy!

Okay, so let's move on to today. This morning, being Thursday, was our standard playdate, and this week we decided to try another new event and headed down to an old library in the city for story time. We were all excited, almost breaking down the gate with E begging to be let inside for some fun.

Then we got inside...and heard the story time rules...and panicked.

Here were the rules from today:
1. Your child must not run around,
2. Your child must not get near the teacher
3. Your child must not distract other children
4. Your child must not be more than arms reach from mommy
5. Your child must not have any fun.

Okay, so maybe I made the last one up, but not the others. As soon as the chubby librarian recited the rules, A was off and running.


So as I wrestled a wiggling, screaming, child into my lap, while I smiled, sang, and poured nervous sweat it clicked...I was that mom. The mom with the unruly toddler who wanted to run around the giant circle and log roll across the rug. And each minute as I sat there and restrained A, I felt sorrier, and sorrier for putting her through this. She is a toddler, and I am pretty sure by definition they don't ever sit still. So here's to all the mom's that spent all morning wearing their kids out or slipped a valium in their kid's sippy cup at breakfast to keep them happily singing nursery rhymes in mommy's lap...I have better things (and less prescriptions) to do!  

So as I said thank you to the teacher 58 grueling minutes later, and she smiled at me, I smiled back without even a hint of an apology on my lips! Then I got in the car, apologized to A for putting her through that, and promised to have some serious running-around, crazy fun this afternoon!

Although I am sad A is not the story time kind of kid, who really wants to be in a small room with lots of mom's singing off key? Not us...we will be on the playground!

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  1. I think rule 5 was implied from all the other rules! Holy crap! Who made those up? A non-parent, that's for sure!

    My kids NEVER sit still for a story! I'm lucky if I get through page 3 (1 sentence per page) before they are off to something else.

    And for the record, I literally shuttered when I saw the picture of that praying mantis! Ugh! I shuttered again just thinking about it! And what's with them being protected? Are you serious! Die little (big) buggy! Die!!!


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