Monday, September 12, 2011

Our First Day of Preschool

Today was a huge day in our household...A's first day of preschool! As we scrambled to get ready and out the door this morning I had to take a second, okay maybe about 15 minutes, to get lots of shots of my little girl heading to school.
Off to my first day of school!

Phew, Mommy remembered my shoes today.

Okay, here I go...


Mom, come on!

Fine, Bye...

Just kidding, come get me!

Here we go, off to school!

Yeah, school!

Wait! I have to go through my mental check list.

Cute smile.....check.

Cute backpack...check.

A kiss from Mommy...check.

A kiss from Daddy...check.

And one last hug for my Daddy! Now we are ready!

Once we arrived, E and his mommy were there waiting for us, so we grabbed out backpack and headed in to meet Ms. Gloria, our teacher. Along the way  E had a little spill, but nothing him and A couldn't fix with a little chat.

E, are you okay?

Let me see. Where does it hurt?

Oh, right here on your knee?

Yeah, right here.

A little help over here please?

After that adventure they tore off to inspect the classroom with their other buddy, Caroline, in tow. They tested out all the toys, inspected the strollers and baby dolls, then took a timeout to do their craft. How cute is this is just contact paper (which is see-through and sticky, that had a border around the outside like a frame. Then there was a little tray of scraps of paper, foam letters, and animals they could stick on. I think we are going to have to stock this at home for a rainy day activity!
First we hung up our backpack.

Then the exploring began...

Time for the craft!

And this!

Found the "jewelry box" and got some bling

Played with the buttons in the button box (old wipes container).

Checked out what the other kids were doing

Found E by the ball boat...

And had some fun playing together.

After their craft and some more time playing, the three of them headed off to wash up for snack. This was A's first time eating Nilla Wafers, and I have to say, little cookies as a snack is right up her alley.
Excuse me...what are these?

Okay, let me try one...


We finished with some outside playtime, and the playground is adorable, but with an exhausted child and about 9 other mom's and their kids running around a small fenced in playground, I had to focus on keeping A out of trouble, not satisfying my need for pictures!

We, and by we I really mean I, have been looking forward to this day since last spring when we signed up, and I have to say it lived up to every hope and expectation I had! I can't wait till next Monday and some more fun at school!

Daily Mom


  1. Babe starts tomorrow. I can't wait! Her backpack is just slightly smaller than her and she's been wearing it non-stop around the house, paired with sunglasses! :-)

  2. Cannot wait to see what the school year has in store! So much fun!


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