Friday, September 23, 2011

A Look Back

So, I have found recently that when I have time to do one post, I am often over-flowing with ideas and want to do a million. And today, because it is raining outside...again...and that means my little A will sleep just a tad longer because it stays pretty dark in her room, I thought, why not just one more!

In my stalling attempt to not be a multi-poster today I decided to redesign the header pictures on my blog. That of course got me thinking, which lead me to look at the older picture headers I had created. And just like If You Give a Pig a Pancake, I was hooked looking back at old pictures. So I thought I would share some of my favorites...
This was my little girl sound asleep two summers ago in her crib

And this past summer, snuggled in her big girl bed to read books!
Here is baby A two summers ago, her first time in a bike seat (yes, terrible mom, no helmet)

And our big girl, who loves bike rides more than almost anything, this summer
From my little peanut with Mommy, two summers ago

And her first time on the towel...

To this crazy, little girl, running all over the beach nonstop
From the terror of her just older cousin, who was pretty psyched on A being her "real-life" baby doll...

To two friends, playing together
And from a Daddy, totally in love with a little baby...

To a little girl, head over heals in love with her Daddy!

Mommy and A's footprints this past summer

 I can't imagine our lives without this amazing little girl, who has certainly left her footprints all over our hearts.

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  1. That is a totally cute look back at your little one.

    following on GFC from epic mom blog hop

  2. She is a beauty! It's so fun to look back on pictures of your kids, they grow way too fast.

    Following from the blog hop, and would love a comment here or a follow!

  3. Great pictures! I love looking back like that!!


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