Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

I am sitting here at my mom’s computer, silently praying for A to go back to sleep in the crib upstairs, and thinking about yesterday. Now, even if you don’t know A personally, I am sure you can tell from my blog that she is a pretty crazy, outgoing little girl. So when we entered a new gym class this fall and she was the youngest (the class is from 1 ½ year olds to 2 ½ year olds: and she is 1 ½) I saw a side of A that I had never seen before….a shy, timid, hang in the background kind of side. I chalked up our first week to First Class jitters, but when it happened two weeks in a row I started to worry. Where was my crazy pants?

Well that all changed yesterday when her best buddy, E, came to check out gym with his mommy. From the minute we walked in the door and A laid her eyes on E, the two of them were off running around and jabbering back and forth. They both rushed into class and A was the first one to dive into the plastic bucket for bells to sing our warm-up song. No longer did it faze her that she was the smallest and youngest in the class, because with E by her side they could do anything. The two of them swung from the bars, rolled down the cheese mat, and ran around after the balls and bubbles until their little bodies collapsed from exhaustion.

I know I have mentioned how much fun we have with E and his mommy, but now I see a whole new confidence attached to their little friendship. I can’t wait for these two to cause some more ruckus on Friday in swim class!  

Stay posted…

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  1. How great that she has such a close friend that already gives her confidence! What a great friendship!!


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