Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ahh, Nothing To Do!

Ahhh...our first day of nothing planned, and it feels amazing.

Having a house on the market can be a little stressful when you have a 1 1/2 year old and lots of planned activities. The most recent minute of crazy started late Monday night when we got a call that someone would be through the house on Tuesday at 12....great, right at the start of nap time. So we shifted our schedule around a bit and still made it to the grocery store, gym class, and got the house ready all before noon.

So this morning when we woke up with no rain...yet...and nothing to do, I sat in bed listening to A read her books for about 2 minutes enjoying the thought of doing nothing all day...before I was bored to tears and making plans!

We started with a fun morning workout at Stroller Strides, followed by some playground time...I know, pretty standard.
"Hey there!"

A and Cora going down the slide together!

The stand-off at the wheel....

"Go, go, go!"

"E, let's bust out of here and do something fun!"

But, here is where it gets really good. After the playground it was 10:40...too soon for lunch and still nothing to do, so we headed over to this new place called Charm City Kids Club. And let me just tell you, this was so much better than Kiddie Crusoe. One, it was super clean (probably because it is new) and two, there was only one other kid there beside A and E (of course he came with us :)

So we let the kids loose, running through Whole Foods, the Diner, the kid area, and the Music store. It was awesome. They had so much fun not sharing well, and chasing each other around, that they hardly made it through lunch.
So Cute!

A went right for the shopping cart and started getting her groceries.

"Hahah, I took your cart!"
"NO, E, give it back!"

"Fine, you take my cart and I will take your fireman hat."

" do you like them apples, E?"

Apparently E is A LOT bigger than A, so she became a pirate instead.

Playing well in the little kid area.

And hanging out in the diner having lunch.

 In fact, it was so much fun they have a Dress Up and Dance class for 3-5 year olds, that I am bringing A's cousin to this afternoon! I am going to try to sneak some pictures from this because it sounds adorable...they even get to cool down with a "tea toast" (apple juice of course) before getting out of their princess themed costumes and returning to the real world!

Stay tuned for pictures from tonight, if I can get some!

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  1. You really have the coolest stuff by you!

  2. Reading this makes me wish I was a SAHM! You are very fortunate.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Happy to be a new follower.


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