Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Aquarium

As you know, Thursday is our standard playdate with all of A's little buddies. But today only E and A could make it, and since rain was looming in our forecast, we decided a trip to the aquarium was in order. The kids had a blast looking at the fish, running around between the different tanks, squealing with each other...and of course visiting with the dolphins. After a tiring two hours (for mommies and children) we headed to a CRAZY lunch at Noodles and Co (I have to have an entirely separate post about it, it was that good) then beat the worst of the rain home to get all snuggled down for nap time.

Here are some pictures of our little munchkins from the Aquarium today...
"Look is me!"

"E, do you see all these cool fish!?"

Completely captivated

"You are not going to believe this!"

My little girl trying to catch the seagulls

E and his Mommy!

Say cheese!

"Please, stop telling me what to do."

"A, look, we are under water!"

Very true to form I saw two turtles "wrestling" :)

"E, come and sit with me!"

"Dude, I am sitting over here."
 Dolphin Show Time!
Checking out the crowd...

Up and Over!


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  1. Is it weird to love a little girl I've never met? She's just too darn cute!


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