Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Own Fancy Nancy

You know those days when you just feel under the weather, and merely lifting your body out of bed is taxing? Well, that is how I woke up today, blah! After I grabbed A from her crib, in a half daze, and brought her downstairs to let daddy take over for breakfast, I grabbed my cup of tea (thank you hubby!) and proceed to flop on the bench in our kitchen...utterly useless.

But just when you want to crawl back in bed, somehow kids know exactly what you need. So this morning as A was hanging out with daddy enjoying her banana, she realized she needed to be her cute, Fancy Nancy self, and decided that yes, in fact, bananas do taste better with fancy, flower sunglasses on!

Thanks for being such a cutie pie A, and always making mommy feel better!

Off to take a nap and some Tylenol cold :)

Daily Mom

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  1. Why do sunglasses on little girls make everything seem a little brighter?? :-)


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