Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Rainy Day

Today, since it is still raining...blah! I headed with A to the mall for a little Stroller Strides workout and some fun at Tiny Town! My little girl could hardly contain her excitement when we arrived and saw her best buddy E already there! Here are some cute shots from today.
After we unleashed them from the strollers...

Checking out all the toys she missed being away all summer!

I literally don't think A stopped running around the place for the first 10 minutes or so...

Phew, time for a break in the car.

E, drive me somewhere good :)

Then it was time for some more fun on the slide.

I Looooveee this....

Climbing to the top of flower mountain...

Almost there...E, watch me!!!

A, I am trying to show you something. Ugh, fine, let's just go to lunch!

So as you can tell from the pictures, one...I need the new iphone to get better pictures :) and two, my little peanut doesn't sit still anymore, so blurry action shots are the new norm around here.

Daily Mom

PS: Tonight is back to school night at A's new preschool...yes we are actually doing a One Day Ones Mommy and Me, with my three GF's and A's three buddies! Can't wait to share lots of funny stories to come...

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