Friday, September 23, 2011


Since, I am pretty sure everyone has seen Sleepless In Seattle, and if you haven't maybe go rent it tonight, I thought this was the perfect blog title for today.

Let me explain...

The other day my mom, Gigi, and I hit the mall for some brown shoes for A to wear this fall, when I ran into the perfect shoes. I only got to glace at them quickly at first since A was throwing a MAJOR fit, swinging her arms like a crazy lady, and not allowing the poor Stride Right (Rite?) girl to get within arms distance, let alone get any brown shoes on her feet. But being a seasoned mom (yes, I consider myself seasoned after a year and a half) I knew I could do nothing and walked over to look at more shoes, leaving A to negotiate with Gigi.

That is when I had time to fully examine the amazing-ness that was in front of me. Not only are E and A best buddies, but they actually made shoes for them with the red boy shoe displaying  a big white E, and the purple and pink girl shoe showing a nice pink A. Was this fate or was I dreaming?

Since we are not a big Elmo, Dora, Sponge Bob, or whatever is the latest and greatest out there, I had no idea that these shoes are actually Elmo and friends characters. The E is for Elmo...which I should have guessed since the shoe was red and had a face on the tongue, and the A shoe is for one of his friends...still not quite sure who. But regardless of the Sesame Street connection, I am still convinced they were made specifically for E and A, my E and A, and Made For Each Other didn't even start to describe my excitement.

Can't wait to get E's mom in the mall and buy some new E and A shoes!!!!

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  1. OMG! I definitely have to get A shoes!!! That is freakin awesome!! I don't have an E to get excited over but the A is totally cool!!


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