Thursday, September 22, 2011

Your Appointment Is When?

Today started like any other Thursday…A and I woke up, got showed and ready for our playdate, and headed off to meet E and his mommy at the Science Center. Since we have never been to the Science Center before (I know…gasp) we were super excited. When we arrived it was even more that we had hoped for. The dinosaurs towered overhead and the kids room, complete with water play station beckoned. A 10:36am we made our way past the brontosaurus and into the kids room, which was filled with the most amazing, interactive centers…and that is when I got the call from our realtor.

Realtor: “Good morning. We have an appointment scheduled for 2pm today, does that work into your schedule?”

Me: Crap! “Of course, that will be perfect. See you at 2pm.” I mean do you think I am a moron, I want our house sold so I am pretty sure I have to be accommodating and let people in! “ Good-bye.”

So, I decide to let A play, to get her beans out mainly, before heading home to do an early lunch and naptime. Around 11:15am we said good-bye to E and his mommy and made our way back up town to begin the cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, my house is pretty darn clean all the time, but with a lab and a small child it can get pretty grimy, quickly. I devised my plan of attack on the way home, and was confident I would have time to get everything done. I was just unwrapping a piece of cheese for A for her lunch when I heard a knock at the door.

Me: “Yes, Hello?” Um, can you go away please I have a showing soon and need to get this kid in bed so I can clean!

Man at the Door: “Hello, we are here for our 12 o’clock appointment.”

Me: WHAT!!!!“ I am sorry, today there is a couple scheduled at 2pm, and we have one tomorrow at noon could you be mistaken?”

Man at the Door…aka Realtor: “Nope, your agent must have made a mistake, we have an appointment today at Noon. I will call and reconfirm.” He picks up his cell and dials away…

Me: shoot, shoot, shoot (keeping this as PG as possible but I think you know what was really going through my head)!  The man smiles as he hands me the phone. “ Hello? Yes. Oh, I see. Okay, no problem. Great, thank you.” I hand the phone back after my realtor just confirmed he threw me under the bus and got the appointments wrong. Apparently their appointment was for today…and if I could please, please let them through.  “Can you give me 5 minutes please, then you can come in.”

I calmly walk back inside and shut the door, before I tear off in every direction. A is so panicked by me throwing things in drawers, diving under cabinets, and wiping off little finger prints, that she doesn’t even make a peep. I do a fast once over as I am sprinting around the house turning every light imaginable on, and conclude that we are in pretty good shape.

Four minutes later I unhook A from her booster, grab the dog, and scurry out the door as they let themselves inside pointing and gasping at the beautiful moldings here, and the flow of the rooms there to look around.

Thirty- six minutes and one Panera trip later I am back at the house grabbing A’s bunny and paci and clearing out again before the next couples arrives at 2pm. As I head to my parents’ house to put A down for a much needed nap, and to take a nice deep breath, I realize that I am not quite sure what I would do without another house to go to for naps, lunch, playtime, and dogsitting, while strange couples are making their way through our beautiful house, falling in love, one room at a time. Or at least here’s hoping!  

Daily Mom

PS: I don’t really care if the people today at noon liked the house or not, I think because I was so accommodating they should at least put in a reasonable offer J


  1. I am a veteran mover (10 times in 16 years of marriage) so I feel for you!

  2. That was smart thinking to ask them to wait for a minute! I would have been like "Uhh, ok. Just squint and you'll see how really beautiful it is!"

    That's great that you had two showings in one day! I still have nightmares about how we went months between showings!!

  3. Wow that was some day!!

    Following you on GFC from the epic mom blog hop

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