Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sippy Cup Police

So, I know I haven't mentioned anything about our Back to School Night last Wednesday, so I thought I would fill you in on the part that stuck with me the most.

My three GF's and I are sitting in the mini chairs, in a room filled with about 60 moms and 3 I say a quick thank you to my better judgment, who convinced me to let hubby stay home, I tune in and out of the rules, expectations, and welcome. As I do a mental slap to get my attention refocused, and realize where A got her mini attention span from I focus in on what our teacher, Ms. Gloria, is saying just in time.

" And, now, kids these days. I just can't believe how many parents still let their children use sippy cups at such an advanced age. I can hear it in every kid who still uses those things, ugh, the way it interferes with their speech development. Do you want your kid saying,' thorry thommy thi thad than thaccident.'  (Translation: Sorry mommy I had an accident) Sippy cups can permanently affect a child's pallet, you know.  It will only take a week or two at the most for them to practice with real cups, sure there will be some spills, but they will have it in no time. I tell my grandkid every time I see him...'you are TWO and still have your sippy cup, tisk, tisk.' So don't worry we will have these 1's in shape in no time. I know not ever child will be as cooperative, so I will be nice and allow you to still use those sippy cups the first week of school, if necessary."

Then it hit me...she is talking about our children! No more sippy cups, permanent pallet damage, no more sippy cups!

 As I tune out the rest of the rules and expectations, all my brain can process is life in our home, car, and stroller without a sippy cup.

So the very next day, A had her dinner, complete with her milk in a big girl cup.  And although she can now say, "slowly" and "careful" it was not as big a disaster as I had originally planned....but close!

"Okay, now pick it up slowly with two hands."

"Take your time, we are in no rush."

"Okay, careful, slowly. No, don't talk to Mommy sweetie, you will spill."

"Good, okay, now tip it up a little, slowly, slowly."

"Good Job, now carefully put it on your tray. Oh, slowly, good, good!"

Here's to a great school year!

Daily Mom

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  1. I refuse to give up sippy cups in the car. Babe can drink from a regular cup at meal times but during the day I refuse to clean up a spilled cup every ten seconds.

    And what's with the teacher being all judgmental about sippy cups? I didn't know they were not good for kids.


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