Saturday, September 24, 2011

North Run Farm

Happy Daderday, everyone!

When we woke up this morning and didn't hear the constant pinging of rain off the windows we knew we wanted to do something outside. And since it is fall and A is completely obsessed with pumpkins, we thought there would be no better place than to head over to North Run Farms, to see the animals, run through the maze, and pick out some pumpkins. Since it has rained pretty much non-stop for the past few days we knew it would be pretty muddy and gross, but on the plus side we also knew there would not be swarms of people there this morning, which is such a rare occurrence we jumped on the chance. Here are some pictures from this morning!
Our little flower!

A stand off with a very large, and friendly, cow.

The goats,

and pigs,

and turkeys.

A very tired girl getting ready to explore the rest of the farm

"Mom, look, a maze!"

Mommy and A (not a big fan of standing still)

Getting good and dirty!

Loving the hay maze!
 Then it was time for our pumpkin hunt, so we grabbed A and headed over to the pumpkin field!

To the first pumpkin she saw...."This is the one!"

"Mom, are you listening...put down the camera and get my pumpkin."

"Really, you are still snapping away?"

Then she saw this...

"Hum, Daddy, I think you found a good one!"
"Hold it! This one, yep, this is really the one."

And so it was!

"Come one, maybe just one more?"

We did let A pick a pumkin out of the big pile, and of course she went with the white one...since pumpkins are typically white :)

Our Pumpkins!
And because I wanted her to have the whole experience, I snuck in a little orange pumpkin too.

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