Sunday, September 25, 2011

A First For Everything

Yesterday, my wonderful hubby let me have an afternoon to myself! So at 2pm I headed off to meet my sister at Starbucks, followed by pedicures  and hair appointments. It was so much fun to relax and catch up.

However, because I am not great at leaving A, I was super excited to play with her when I got home. When I pulled up and started walking towards the house I spotted her waving to me through the upstairs window, so I ran through the door and straight up to the playroom. After a quick hug from A, and her baby doll, who does not leave her side in the house, she tore off in the other direction. About four steps into her run she came to a dead stop, turned around slowly and ran back to me.

Assuming she missed me, I bent down to give her another hug, and that is when she pushed my arms out of her way and said, "what, this?!?" as she stared at my newly painted toenails. She just couldn't get over the fact that I had color on my toes and she didn't. All afternoon she kept comparing our toes and rubbing my polish, so I knew it was finally time for her first pedicure!

So when daddy went upstairs to shower, leaving A and I alone making dinner, I dashed up, grabbed the bottle of hot pink nail polish and went to town! I told her she couldn't touch them till they dried and, unlike her usual impatient self, she didn't budge for about 20 minutes.

And now her hot pink toes are as bright as her smile every time she looks down at her feet!

Daily Mom


  1. Love this! My 2 year old is always begging me to paint her toes!

  2. Love it! Babe LOVES to get her nails painted! I rarely find the time though. However, it's ok, because Bud learned that HE likes to paint her nails for me! (Do you remember my post about that?) Sigh! :-)

    A is just too cute!


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