Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who Knew

So I think I am an official converter...since A was born I have always used Pampers wipes, the sensitive ones, which I have gotten in bulk from (great price if you haven't looked). But as we were packing for our Canadian adventure, I called my MIL to see what she had in the house (aka had gotten for our sweet little A) and she listed off the products. Johnson and Johnson baby wash, lavender lotion, bath toys, a bath towel, yogurt, snacks, vegetables, cream cheese, bread, toys, wipes, diapers, milk, basically I did not have a lot to pack.

Anyway, when we got here and A was getting all settled in, the first thing I did was change her diaper (duh!). I brought A up to her room, put her on the changing pad that was already laid out, grabbed a wipe...and was amazed!!! My MIL had gotten Huggies Sensitive and they were so much thicker and nicer than the pampers... I was hooked at once. Not only have they cleaned some nasty poopie diapers, but they wiped up the floor, A's face and so much else! I actually feel like I am in the paper towel commercial where they are showing how strong and soft one brand is over the other. Haha...too bad I cannot remember either brand in the commercial.

So I think I am an official converter! Can't wait to get home and order some Huggies wipes!

Daily Mom


  1. funny now that we are parents discoveries like this can get us so excited :) I remember when i discovered our favourite brands of wipes - havent looked back since :)

  2. I'm really glad you liked them because how much would it have sucked if she bought the generic brand that can sand wood and then you had to go out and buy your kind and then hide them from her so you didn't hurt her feelings! So much better that you liked them! haha!


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