Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Hard Mom To Impress

I am always excited when something exceeds my expectations, because, in addition to my high expectations, I have an idealists imagination. Whenever I am picturing something before we actually do it, I always imagine it as much bigger, better, kid friendly, and more fun than it typically turns out to be. That is why, although I love doing new activities with A, it is pretty hard to find something that gives me the "wow" factor. Clyburn Arboretum was one of those places that made the "wow" factor, along with a handful of other playdates.

So when I got an email awhile ago from Wonderdads saying they wanted to use my blog on their site and they would send me a book to use as a giveaway, I immediately turned them down saying, "I didn't want my blog going in that direction." After I responded to the email, I pulled up the internet and began searching away for their website and other related sources. After a few hours of research, I was pretty impressed. It turns out Wonderdads is a website (with some coordinating books) that you can go on, put in your location, and find fun activities and events in your area. The website is pretty good, so I emailed them back inquiring more about their company. They told me they are a website based company that researches events and attractions in specific areas for dads to use when they are giving mom a break and have the kids for a day, an afternoon, or even a whole weekend (lucky mom!).

Anyway, long story short, I had them send me a copy of the book so I could peruse it further. Even with my high expectations, I expected the book to be a few pages of events and activities (mainly the well known ones, like the zoo, aquarium, and other big stops) but I was completely blown away when it arrived! Total "wow" factor.

The book is over 100 pages and has 7 main sections that feature the best dad and child restaurants, outdoor parks, activities, stores, sporting events, and unique adventures! It also has a whole other section dedicated to the top 5 dad/child: things to do on a rainy day, things to do on a hot day, best splurges, and most memorable. And, not only does it just list the activity or event but it gives you the hours, phone number, and website for the place. Pretty cool, which is a huge complement coming from an over-organized mom.

All in all, I was immediately obsessed.  I emailed them right away and bought another copy to give to my husband (and to secretly use myself). I can't wait to check off all the fun activities we do all year from this book!!!

Check out their website, Wonderdads , which is good, but if you can buy the me you will not be disappointed. Here are a few pictures from the book they sent me.
It is the size of a Learning To Read book, and I love how they personalized it for B-more with the crab and Pride of Baltimore on the cover

See what I mean...not too shabby!

Not sure if you can see it, but these are the main sections.

A sample page from the Activities section

If you check out the website or decide to buy the book, please let me know! I would love to have your feedback as well.

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