Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I am sitting here watching the rain come down in sheets, beating against the glass door and ripping through the leaves, wishing we were all still in Osoyoos laying by the pool. But what can you do, so we packed into the car and headed to the mall for the morning.

There were three main stops we wanted to hit...Starbucks, Tiny Town Canada, and Lululemon. First we headed to my MIL's work, a hearing aid center in the mall, to show A off- then the real fun began. As we located the Canadian version of Tiny Town, a land filled with rubber slides and thick carpet, I ditched A with my MIL and daddy and took off to find some much needed coffee. I found this cute looking coffee shop and ordered up my go-to, a soy late. After fiddling through some double-colored Canadian "play money"...I mean honestly, how can you take colored money and weird coins seriously?, I paid my $5.00 (what?!? Was it liquid gold?!?)and headed back to see A play.

When we finally dragged her out of there she was a little grumpy and a lot tired, but I needed my lulu fix! In case you have been living in a cave for the past 10 years, Lululemon is the best workout gear ever! It leaves Under Armour and Nike in the dust. Sure you are going to pay about $90 for a pair of workout pants, but I wear mine almost everyday and have had some pairs over 8 years and they are still good as new! If I ever win the lottery, screw the college fund, I am going to buy a Lulu store so I can take any product I like at any time :)

After drooling over a sweatshirt and some tank tops that would have been as much as buying a small car, I left with two hair things (the kind that you pull on to hold all the fly aways back when you have a pony tail) and a small feeling of defeat.

I think there might be some indoor pool time when A wakes up and maybe a date night to ease my pain over the Lulu prices, so all is still well!

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