Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

There is not a more satisfying feeling in the world than cleaning your house. Once A went down for her nap this afternoon, I dug through the closet, found the mop, broom, vacuum, and swiffer, and hunkered down for a real good cleaning. Now, this should seem weird to you for 2, I have a domestic helper so I don't often vacuum, sweep, dust, and mop the house often, and two, why would I have to dig through the closet for supplies. Well let me explain...

First, my domestic helper has gone AWOL and doesn't come to work anymore! Which is not really a bad thing since she has done such a crappy job for the past few months, I have been avoiding her the morning she is here and then cleaning when she leaves.

Second, no, my cleaning supplies are typically very accessible in my neat and orderly house (I am a thrower...not a saver...of anything), however we had the basement repainted...both walls and we shoved as much as we could in the hall closet while the rest of the junk from downstairs took over the breakfast room. But, now that we have the basement back, I have carted the wine and paint cans back downstairs and am able to see the inside of the closet again!

So, as I am sitting here typing away, I can smell the freshly Murphy's Oil Soap mopped floor and see the sun shining off the sparkling counters...ahhh!

I think I will treat myself to a pool afternoon with A for all my hard work :)

Daily Mom


  1. It's amazing the things that make us moms feel happy. Accomplishing a task, even a cleaning task, does wonders in my house too!

  2. I love having a clean house...I don't love cleaning it. I think it has something to do with the fact that it can't even stay clean for five minutes around here.

  3. I really love that clean smell! I only know it from other people's houses though. I'd take a crappy domestic helper any day! :-)

    But what's with her going AWOL? Time for a new one!


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