Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Home!

Since I promised you all is what you shall receive! I had about a million, but I have only included the essentials, which is still a s%$#load.


Here is from our drive up to Osoyoos, Canada

 Then we played, played, played by the pool and with the water.

Hung out with family! 
Daddy, A, and mommy.

Cousin Kyla and A

Daddy, A, and Nana

Kyla and A, hugging it out.

Yes, that is actually her little cousin Blake, not a baby doll.

Some playground time...

Going on a snake hunt...

Finding cherries and grapes, yumm!

Playing in the water at Great-Nan's place.

Wearing my first hair bow!

Visiting with Cousin Jordan back in Vancouver!
And loving every minute of our trip...

Although, some little girl was very happy to be back in her playroom this morning, checking on all her animals and toys...

What a great Canadian Adventure!
Daily Mom

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of her playing in the water! You can see she has a great personality just from those pictures! How could you expect her to nap when all that fun stuff was happening?! :-)

    Welcome back to the States!


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