Monday, July 11, 2011

Canadian Adventure Day 3

Well, I am back on my comfy couch after a packed morning. When A got up this morning (around 5:30am because of the time change) we had breakfast, including this awesome Canadian yogurt that is about half the size of a Yo Baby and has 60 calories, which is always something we watch out for since A is on the smaller size and plays sooo hard she burns a ton of calories.

Anyway...after breakfast we headed out for a nice walk! Since the resort we are staying in is a vineyard we strolled through the lines of grapes as we made our way down to the gravel road. Think Tuscany but with rattle snakes. Oh yes, you read correctly, since this area is basically desert climate, hot and dry, it is perfect for growing grapes, cherries, apricots, peaches, and oh yeah...rattle snakes. So we kept our eyes peeled as we made our way over the gravel and towards the fruit orchards at the bottom of the hill. We wove through dozens and dozens of cherry trees until we found this little lady with bushels of cherries...literally the most delicious cherries I have ever eaten. We bought three huge boxes (each one was the size of a large container of strawberries) for $10.00! The lady loved A and kept giving her handfuls of cherries...apparently she thought a 16 month old could navigate a cherry pit without dying, but I wasn't so mommy intervined.

After we couldn't manage any more cherries we headed back to the condo to change for the pool! The pool is beautiful with a huge pool deck, full of chairs, four giant water spouts that A cannot get enough of, and a giant spiral water slide. It has quickly become A's new obsession. Daddy took her down the first time but since it is made for kids not adults he got stuck, so mommy got to take over. To tell you the truth, I am not sure which one of us was shouting "weeee" louder.

Like I mentioned before, I am lounging on the couch as A is dreaming of afternoon fun at the pool with a tummy full of cherries. And since I am still a bit of a dorky teacher, there is this Indian (I am not being un-pc here but they don't call them Native Americans up here in the north) cultural center right next to the vineyard, so I think before we hit the water slide again we will check that out! Sorry I haven't been able to post picture but I don't have an iPad 2 so no camera on this bad boy. I have taken tons of amazing pictures though so get excited to see them when I get home!

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  1. I think water slides should be mandatory for every pool! Two of the hotels we stayed at in MT and WY had spiral water slides and they were the coolest things ever! I definitely gave the kids a run for their money in the "I'm having more fun than you" category! :-) I'm glad your vacation is going so well! And very happy you didn't encounter rattlesnakes...yet! Yikes!


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